PVC floor daily maintenance manual

First, the general maintenance:

It is self-evident that the importance of floor maintenance is important. Don't wait until there are dirt and problems before you handle them. When such problems arise, they often indicate that the floor has had a serious impact. At this time, repair and cleaning will be done again. It will take time and effort not to mention it. Inappropriate methods will also cause damage to the floor. Any floor will cause loss in daily use. This is a constant fact. The significance of daily maintenance work is that the material itself is protected before it is destroyed, so as to extend the service life of the product and ensure the integrity of the form.


It is recommended that the floor be cleaned once a day, using a mop with a dedicated cleaning fluid for periodic maintenance. The detergent should be diluted to a pH of 7-10 and a beige cleaning pad. The cleaning cycle can be determined according to the state of the floor itself and the strength of use.

If the stain retention time is too long will penetrate into the surface of the PVC floor, then can not be removed, these stains include asphalt, toner, rubber roller printing, crayons, ink pen ink and wax oil. There are also some stains and scratches that are difficult to remove, such as dyes, rubber soles on furniture, and push wheels. Therefore, if there is any dirt on the floor, it should be removed immediately using a suitable cleaning tool and proper cleaning method. If special stains are encountered, it is necessary to cooperate with the corresponding cleaning agent and find it ready to clean at any time to ensure that the floor material will not be affected by stains, maximizing the cleaning effect. Rubber products such as shoe soles and wheels that are in direct contact with the ground are made of rubber that has not been colored as much as possible. When heavy objects need to pass over the floor, plywood can be used for protection.

Nearly 80% of the pollutants on the floor are brought in from the outside, so clean mats should be placed at the entrance and exit points. The mats need to be cleaned from time to time, and the cleaning cycle is determined according to the size of the human flow. The floor needs to be cleaned daily and cleaned with a slightly moist mop. In heavily contaminated areas, neutral detergents should be used as required, and corrosive cleaners should not be used. The surface water should be treated immediately after cleaning to prevent the deposition of detergents and other substances. Large areas of water can be cleaned using special equipment. In the place where lime spots are generated due to accumulated water, the acidic cleaning solution (pH 3-5) can be used for cleaning. When cleaning, an additional water broom can be placed, which is mainly used to clean the spilled solution, which can prevent leaving a clean watermark on the floor. Also note that do not place tools such as dripping mops on the floor or hang it on the wall.

Second, the daily maintenance of sports flooring:

The maintenance of the sports series floor should also follow the above requirements. When cleaning PVC sports flooring, use a broom and a damp mop. In the case of difficult-to-clean stains, a neutral detergent (pH 7-10) should be added to remove it. Athletes should wear special sports shoes to perform training and other activities on the floor. If you want to hold other activities, you should put a protective pad on the floor. PVC sports flooring usually includes a site line. These site lines should always be taken care of during cleaning and maintenance, and should not be removed during cleaning.

Third, the common stain cleaning methods:

The best time to clean up is to clean it with a cloth or mop before the stain is dry, then wash it with water. The pollution situation has a lot to do with the color, composition and temperature of the stain.

General principles for handling stains:

1) Use a spatula to scrape the stain mixture. Remember that sharp sharps cannot be used to avoid scratching the floor surface.

2) First dry the stains with a rag, and then perform the following cleaning work to prevent smudges from spreading.

3) Clean the stains in an order from the outside to the inside. Rinse them with wet sponges. Do not use hot water.

List of common stain removal methods:


The above is just a routine maintenance program under normal circumstances. The specific method will be different because of differences in the environment of use in various places.

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