Coyote Beacons will start the public test at 2:00 p.m.

We are looking forward to the Wolves beacon target survey we will start at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a total of 8 test places, a place with two coyote products ~ everyone is welcome to apply, the first eight groups will obtain assessment opportunities, However, it is necessary to give a travel plan of 50 yuan and a list of 2 persons and a telephone to facilitate communication with everyone. If you do not perform the above, it will be considered invalid!

The second is that there are changes in the rules for testing, let everyone talk about it! Everyone has come to see, ah, points worth it!

1 point support must be a login user, non-landing users can not support;

2. After the point redemption support ends, users who have not received the equipment will not return the used points.

3. Each product support key, you can get 1 support!

Activity process:

1. List published: The list of evaluations will be automatically published according to the ranking after the end of the test

2. Users can invite their own friends for support, each registered user can support their own friends, each support once, from the original three points into a little! (We take care to see that the rules will be changed by the current period

4. After the point redemption support ends, users who have not received the equipment will not return the used points.

5.Measurement Notice: After the announcement of the list, the system will notify users by means of a message alert.

6. Product delivery: According to the address provided at the time of application, the product will be delivered

7. Square drying single: within three days after receipt of the goods, please take photos on Twitter @ friends circle sharing @ equipment cool staff

8. All test reports: 30 days after receipt of the goods to complete the report and upload

9. Equipment recovery: report unqualified person recycling, equipped with cool right to recover all measured products.

10. Equipment Cool has final interpretation

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