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Artifact's photographic gadgets allow you to take great photos outdoors. The Beatles saved the word form boreom.

Speaking of outdoor photography, Xiao Bian's first thought was that The Beatles was famous for crossing the cover of the zebra crossing, which gave birth to a large number of imitators. However, the "Abbey Road" album has become the final pain for Beatles fans, four members in the album after the release of their solo, Xiao Bian's pain ... ... today's photography accessories recommended, God bless group, small series Must be recommended.

Speaking of photography, we must first equip the equipment. Many small accessories have unique charm! It will surely add to your journey!

||Raiders BlackRapid Metro Camera Strap

The camera strap made of ballistic nylon cloth is light and durable. It has a mountaineering lock that can be screwed into the tripod screw of the camera, and then the SLR can be "snuggled" by your side, waiting for it. You pick it up and take a picture. In addition, the camera strap is adjustable in length and equipped with a shoulder pad that will not wear out in the long term. In terms of price, BlackRapid Metro is 39.95 US dollars (about 245 yuan), it is indeed much more expensive than the general strap.

|| Sony QX100 Camera

This is a camera that can be connected to a smartphone via WiFi. It is a combination of a lens and a CPU. With a special chip, the QX camera can be attached to the back of the phone or tablet, and then the user can use the screen of the phone or tablet as an extra large viewfinder of the QX lens. Thus, a small lens and a mobile phone are combined into a small one. Micro single. In addition, the QX100 has an optical zoom function and is equipped with a larger sensor than most smartphones. It weighs only 105 grams and is definitely lighter than a camera. The current price of QX100 is RMB2599, QX10RMB1199.

Official website purchase link: DSC-QX100

|| Ukrainian iblazr mobile phone LED flash - self-professional necessary

With the smart phone camera features more and more powerful, more and more people will choose to become a "mobile phone photographer" when they go out, not only do not carry heavy props, shooting the picture quality is also very good. iBlazr can be said to be a portable flash specially made for cell phone videographers. It is plugged directly into the headphone port of the device, and besides being used as a flash, it can also be used for continuous lighting when recording video. The iBlazr uses a rechargeable battery and can take up to 1,000 shots and a maximum of 40 minutes of continuous light. In addition, iBlazr also comes with a dedicated iOS and Android application that can help synchronize with the camera flash.

It is also necessary to point out that iBlazr is not only a smart phone and tablet exclusive, but also can be used as a portable light source for digital cameras. You can use iBlazr's continuous lighting function to illuminate the subject you want to shoot while shooting. iBlazr weighs just 10 grams and is available for purchase on BiteMyApple for $49.99 (approximately RMB307).

Official website purchase link: iblazr

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