Dutch 3D printing 4 meters tall scarecrow

To welcome the Dutch Scarecrow Festival, the famous 3D designer Joris van Tubergen designed and printed a 4 meter tall scarecrow that looks like himself.

First he scans his entire body and then imports the scanned files into the modeling software for design. The parts are then printed separately. It is understood that in order to complete the printing task before the arrival of the Scarecrow Festival, he found five printers to do the project together; then, the printed parts were spliced ​​and colored. The colored scarecrow shines with silver and is exceptionally distinguished. In the words of designer Joris van Tubergen, “printing a 4 meter tall self, wearing a noble silver dress, has a feeling of being proud of the world”.

Of course, it is not only its tall shape that attracts the audience, but also an important reason is that it uses a completely recyclable PET material. In a recent festival in Amsterdam, users can use the plastic cups, water bottles, etc., which are made of this plastic, to be melted into 3D printed materials . The merchants print them into personalized rings or turn them into high-quality recycled fibers. . Recyclable, no pollution to the environment!

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