One WeChat, 4 mothers died on the spot, ruining 3 happy families! Many people are doing this action...

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Everyone is more and more inseparable from WeChat, and has been reluctant to put down their mobile phones for a long time.

And not long ago because of a WeChat

But in a flash, three happy families were destroyed.

Looking down for a second, what happened is enough for many people to regret their lives! ! !

Looking down at WeChat and hitting two strollers

The incident took place on September 18th, in the streets of Jimei District, Xiamen.

Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Jimei District approved the arrest of Fan, a perpetrator of the “9·18” traffic accident with the suspected traffic accident.

When this tragedy occurred, Xiao Fan was driving back from Tongan to his temporary residence. At the same time, the two young mothers pushed two strollers to walk in the same direction. Among them , a baby stroller lies a boy who is 1 year and 5 months old , and in another stroller is a 3 month old baby boy .

Just two mothers pushing baby carriages in front row, driving a small van received a micro-channel, micro-channel hear the tone, feeling small van particularly want to view the messages immediately, they control the steering wheel with his left hand, right hand out of the mobile phone, Place it on the steering wheel and look down at the message .

Suddenly, Xiaofan felt that the car "had to hit something" and wanted to brake and slow down, but because it was too flustered , the throttle was mistaken as a brake . As a result, forced a step on the gas, the car accelerated pediment, has collision with strollers mother of two, and two children.

accident scene

He just married a marriage certificate and ruined three families.

Subsequently, Xiaofan’s car crashed into a small car parked on the side of the road. After the continuous impact, Xiaofan’s car eventually rolled over. The serial impact caused two cars to be damaged. What is even worse was that two pairs of mothers who were hit were killed on the spot .

accident scene

According to Xiao Fan’s confession , he just received a marriage certificate in June this year and originally planned to open a banquet at the end of September. On the afternoon of the incident, he just bought furniture for the new house in Tongan. His wife has been pregnant for more than four months . This happened now, thinking of the newlywed wife and the unborn child , Xiaofan regretted his behavior .

accident scene

After investigation, Xiaofan is 25 years old and has been driving for 3 years. At the time of the incident, the accident section was at the construction stage with a speed limit of 30km/h, while Xiaofan’s speed was identified as 79.12km/h, which was seriously overspeeded.

According to investigators prosecutors introduced a small range driving, speeding line drive, resulting in four deaths, bear full responsibility for the accident, which are particularly bad. According to China's criminal law, he is suspected of traffic accidents and may be sentenced to three years or more and seven years in prison .

Driving a mobile phone for 3 seconds is equivalent to blindly opening 50 meters.

When you drive a cell phone while driving, you can send messages when you wait for traffic lights , and you don’t forget to brush WeChat when you cross the road... The traffic accidents caused by these “low-headed people” who play mobile phones anytime and anywhere are increasing. Two percent of the netizens surveyed said that they had the habit of using mobile phones when driving. More than 70% of netizens used to send WeChat or brushed Weibo while driving .

According to traffic police department survey: Driving is a serious play mobile traffic habits, the number of the banned daily "mobile phone overuse" illegal parking close to number one. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20% of daily minor crashes are related to the use of mobile phones in drivers .

This video may cause discomfort, please be careful! ! !

According to some surveys, when driving at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour , look down at the mobile phone for 3 seconds , which is equivalent to blindly opening 50 meters ! In the event of an emergency , the brakes need at least 20 meters . The probability of an accident when driving to see a mobile phone is 23 times that of normal driving; the probability of an accident when driving a phone is 2.8 times that of normal driving.

After reading this WeChat, do you dare to drive a cell phone?

For the sake of life safety, don't drive your phone down!

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