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Recommended Products: Garmin Garmin Forerunner225 GPS Sports Smart Watch

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Garmin's headquarters is located in Kansas, USA, and is the world's largest professional navigation GPS manufacturer. GARMIN company through its global agents, maintenance centers, sales and technical support personnel and other feedback market information, with a variety of GPS patented technology, the most advanced electronic technology, as well as a deep understanding of the characteristics of users of various industries, so that GARMIN products are far higher than the industry level in terms of performance indicators in all aspects.

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Forerunner 225 sports smart watch compared with the previous Forerunner series products, the biggest feature is the abolition of the standard heart rate belt, and then use the new photoelectric heart rate sensor to monitor the heart rate, the data more accurate. Personally, the bright spot lies in the fact that the GPS chip is equipped to work independently from the mobile phone. This is definitely the most practical highlight. Also, the Forerunner 225 has abandoned the traditional ear fixing method and switched to the use of a more sturdy bolt fixing. There is no problem with watchband loss caused by the loss of the watch during intense sports and it is worth recommending.

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: Garmin Garmin Forerunner225 GPS Sports Smart Watch

Product Specifications - Garmin Forerunner 225

Product Type: Smart Watch

Waterproof function: support, 50 meters waterproof

GPS function: support

Sensor: Support, Heart Rate Sensor

Bluetooth: Support

Life time: 10 hours in active mode (heart rate and GPS tracking) and 4 weeks in regular mode

Other features: The watch dial provides color bars to display the current fitness level; analyzes walking distances (outdoor GPS/indoor accelerometers), steps, calories burned, and sleep modes.

The Garmin forerunner 225 sports watch continues the design style of its predecessor forerunner 220. The head part uses a round design, which is in line with the traditional aesthetic concept of the public users. The whole watch is made of engineering plastics and silicone material. The overall design style has a rich sports atmosphere. The lively color matching is very suitable for outdoor sports. The head adopts a 50mm large-size design. The oversized meter not only brings a visual impact to the user, but also brings an intuitive operating experience. All the keys on the watch are all marked on the front of the watch by the pattern. The user Even if you do not read the instructions, you only need to try several times to master most of the watch operations. The left and right sides are designed in an asymmetrical manner with 5 buttons. The 3 o'clock position of the watch is not designed with any buttons, which can prevent the movement of the wrist from touching up. The upper left side of the watch is designed with a power supply and a backlight button. A short press will light the backlight. A long press will pop up a shutdown page asking if the user needs to shut down. The bottom left and right are designed with page up and down keys, users can use the buttons to scroll up and down the page under different menus. On the upper right side of the watch, there is a striking red sport button. After pressing the button, you can enter the running and setting menus to start the exercise or set the watch. On the lower right side is the return key, which can directly return to the previous menu and default interface.

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