The furniture market is like a solid wood.

【Abstract】From the complaints received by the Quality Inspection Center of the Quality Inspection Center of the Municipal Quality Inspection Center, complaints about furniture quality accounted for about 50% of the total, followed by advertising, price, marketing contract, counterfeiting, security and other issues. . Experts believe that consumers are vulnerable to nine consumer traps in the process of purchasing furniture, most of which are caused by the bad business practices of the merchants, which deserves the attention of the relevant departments. Yimeiju Furniture http://#Share. [misunderstanding interpretation]
"Pure solid wood" is not "all solid wood"
The merchant claimed that “furniture materials are pure solid wood”, but many homes found to be MDF and particleboard. Experts say that such quality problems in consumer complaints have increased in recent years. "The name of pure solid wood is the barrier of the business, there are only three kinds of solid wood furniture, namely solid wood, solid wood and solid wood veneer." According to the new national standard "General technical conditions for wood furniture" (GB/T3324-2008): all solid wood furniture , means that all wood parts (except mirror pallets and beading) are made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels; solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels, with no surface treated furniture; solid wood veneer furniture , refers to the substrate made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood sheet, and the surface is covered with solid wood veneer or thin wood (wooden) furniture.
The wood furniture is not a solid wood furniture. The combination of wood and wood furniture is a new bright spot in the current market. There are many brands, especially European, Korean and Neoclassical furniture, most of which are made of wood and wood. According to the new national standard, as long as the substrate is made of solid wood, wood-based panels and other materials, it can only be called comprehensive wood furniture. According to this classification, most of the furniture market refers to the combination of wood and wood furniture, not belonging to the category of solid wood furniture, but comprehensive wood furniture.
Experts suggest that consumers can distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages of wood furniture by understanding and mastering the technical requirements of wood furniture when purchasing wooden furniture. When purchasing furniture, it mainly depends on whether the surface of the furniture material has scratches, indentations, bubbling, degumming and peeling marks.
Second, we must pay attention to the quality of production. For example, whether the edge of the sheet sawing is flat or not, the angle is good; whether the glue on the side and surface decorative parts is uniform, whether the bonding is firm, whether the trimming is smooth and smooth; whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, whether the opening and pulling is open or not Flexible and so on.
Third, we must pay attention to the quality of metal parts and plastic parts. Metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, and good surface plating, and there should be no rust, burrs, etc. Plastic parts should be beautiful in appearance, bright in color, and have strength and elasticity in the parts of the force, and should not be too thin. The open type connector requires flexible rotation, and the spring inside is tightly fitted.
Fourth, we must pay attention to the main dimensions. The national standard stipulates the main dimensions of the furniture: for example, the depth of the space in the hanging wardrobe should be greater than or equal to 53 cm, the height of the table furniture should be 68 cm to 76 cm, and the middle drawer of the writing desk should be in the middle clearance to the ground height. The height should be greater than or equal to 58 cm and so on.
Fifth, we must pay attention to the edge of the panel furniture, especially the internal concealment, backboard and other parts. If the wood-based panel is not subjected to edge sealing treatment, it is exposed to the air and easily absorbs moisture in the air, causing expansion deformation, affecting the service life, and making the formaldehyde more easily released.

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