Senior Alice teaches you to be lightweight outdoors, and you can easily play outdoors without burning money!

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A few days ago we talked about the outdoor lightweight diet, and lightweighting is a comprehensive topic, reducing weight from every equipment, so that the overall travel weight to our ideal value! Today we talked about whether it is really costly to achieve lightweighting! Topic Name: Is it Really Burning Money to Realize Lightweight! Thank topic guests: Luoyang Crab For further visit please click

Lightweight outdoor, which is commonly known as outdoor light weight (olw), is a new outdoor concept popular all over the world in recent years. Its core is to make the equipment as lightweight as possible and more comfortable, so that you have more energy to explore the end Brilliant outdoors. Outdoor lightweighting includes four aspects: First, lightweight outdoor equipment; Second, light weight dress; Third, lightweight environment, and fourth, light food. Reasonable equipment lightweighting standards: Lightweight equipment occupies the core position of lightweight, it is your basic protection for outdoor mountaineering hiking, carrying the total amount can not exceed 1/3 of the weight of the person that the reasonable science, can reduce fatigue.

★ Several errors in light weight

1. Lightweighting is a process of burning money (×)

Ares 7: If you want to do some lightweight upgrades, you will find that in the total amount of overhead, lightweight equipment is cheaper than traditional equipment, and sometimes even much cheaper. This is because lightweight equipment has a simpler design and uses less raw materials. And, some lightweight equipment that is more expensive than traditional equipment can often find cheap alternatives. However, some lightweight equipment is usually more expensive than traditional equipment. It is also good that for these products, we can always find alternatives that we can afford.

Luoyang Crab: In fact, lightweight, super-lightweight, extremely light is just a value, to see how to deal with the matter of burning money, some people figure fast, do not want to waste brains, coupled with money, then naturally heard what light, what Well, what to start with, it naturally has to burn money, but there are some donkey friends, that is, experience sharing, usually thinking before traveling, my equipment is not good in any way, I want to first reduce that equipment, in this Think more about equipment, for example, you have a four-year account, but can you switch to a three-quarter account? The price of an internal account is much cheaper! If you are curious you can try to buy a 3 meter * 4 meter D10 coated silicon cloth, first try to use this large, fully enclosed, single layer account, you will certainly have a sense of accomplishment, etc., are familiar with the sky, You can change to a smaller cloth.

2. Lightweight is a game with poor physical strength (×)

Weighing down does not bring us heavy equipment. However, there is no benefit from big weight-loss: lower comfort, more stress on the body, more restricted movement, less safety, and even greater damage to the environment. If you plan to challenge yourself, it is advisable not to carry a lot of useless things. Rather, you should go a little more and visit some farther places; choose some challenging weather; choose more difficult routes. Spending your energy on these challenges is not only more practical, but it will also bring more sense of accomplishment.

3. Lightweight and Reduced Security (×)

Backpack travel, in general, whether you are back or back light, may be insecure. If you are not prepared for the situation you are experiencing, whether it is not equipped or equipped with sufficient skills, you will find that you are in an unsafe situation. Keep in mind that the most useful thing to keep yourself safe is only the same: knowledge. Safe or not has nothing to do with weight. The correct lightweight equipment configuration and skills will not reduce safety, and sometimes it will be higher. Lightweight provides them with greater mobility and less possible injury.

Luoyang Crab: What kind of concept is this security? When the back is light, people do not get tired after walking, so the coordination of the body is also better. When walking in the mountains, the balance does not require much effort, and the chance of lameness is also small! This is the security in this area. If you are worried about other safety equipment, you must first have a good understanding of the equipment. After you understand the performance parameters of the equipment, you can naturally find a sense of security!

4. Lightweight equipment is not durable (×)

In fact, lightweight equipment is similar in most cases to the durability of non-lightweight equipment because they are simpler to design and use stronger materials for relative weight.

★People's point of view

Seven days: First of all, it is necessary to reduce the weight of the brain. It is not a long-term plan after all to think about burning equipment. Of course, the other is particularly rich.

Shunzi: Lightweight, indeed equipment that requires more R&D costs can achieve true weight savings.

9876: If camping in the desert, the weight of a nail can actually be replaced with a bottle of precious cola and several plastic bags. Plastic bags can be filled with sand and buried deep for the same purpose as ground nails. Sand can also be placed on the corners of the four inner tents. Tents can be considered tents that are waterproof. Because deserts rarely rain. Sand soft, you can not bring self-inflatable and other large thickness of the moisture-proof mats, but also without ground cloth.

☆ Tent: Do not pursue extreme weight reduction. The premise is that the mind is lightweight and the principle of multiple uses. Unplugged dreams: Wherever vehicles can't reach, it's precisely where ALICE's aspirations often require walking and climbing. In this process, the weight of the backpack is critical, and the lightweight equipment is the artifact.

He Da-niu: It's not that only when it takes money to make it lighter, for the average ALICE, every bit of every activity is a lightweight process. For example: Calculate the amount of food each time you travel and plan your meal. Don't always go out and bring a lot of food. When you come back, you find that the backpack is still full of various kinds of packaging. Another example: Toiletries can be replaced with chewing gum and Wet Wipes. Luminaires should be used as a food. Foods should not be packed with canned foods. Do not use glass bottles with wine. Tableware and pans should be as concise as possible. If not, sleeping bags are suitable for temperature scales, and foam cushions can be used without self-inflating cushions. These are good ways to reduce weight and have good experience.

Kunming Kun Kun: Lightweight lies in equipment, but also in understanding outdoor sports and equipment. Many people do not use good equipment but never plan what they should bring. They should not bring anything. As a result, they spend money. It is not lightweight, so the plan is a prerequisite for lightweighting.

Luoyang Crab: Give everyone a suggestion and list your equipment in a list. I think everyone's equipment is at least in one place! Each trip, you can look at the list to take your equipment, so that before the packaging of the equipment to conduct a check, those who can not use, such as when loading the package and then go through the list again, on the one hand to ensure that they will not appear When I look outside, I find that I didn't bring this, I didn't bring it, and on the other hand, when I think about myself, I can make myself more aware of whether I need to bring some equipment. Let it light up!

Easy v: Lightweight is a pursuit. It's entirely your own understanding. Why light? Of course, the light is targeted, and the relative lightness of the travel environment should be relatively suitable. The mature product + own DIY combination can achieve effective weight reduction; the 33-liter package is fully equipped on the 7th day. Realized two years ago, how to reduce weight, is a relative drop, and it is best to use lightly burned light; it is relatively good to have appropriate and appropriate light weight.

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