Demystifying the eyebrows of different faces

Demystifying the eyebrows of different faces

Modification and correction of the eyebrow shape can improve our overall image. Then, how does the eyebrow correction design and face shape coordinate? Let's take a look at the different face types of eyebrow painting brought by Xiaobian!

Long face type: gives a more obvious impression of the three-dimensional structure, so the edge is too prominent and stiff, and the eyebrow type can be appropriately elongated, which visually causes the face to progress laterally and the face to become shorter. Longer and more blunt.

Round face type: It gives people the impression that it is sweet and young, but because the cheeks are full of short faces and lack of three-dimensional feeling, the eyebrow design must have strength, the turning is relatively obvious, and the eyebrows are higher than the brows. Thus, the distance between the jaw and the lower jaw is opened, and the arc-shaped eyebrow is avoided, thereby avoiding a more rounded face.

Diamond face: Appearance is characterized by a narrow forehead and mandibular angle. The humerus is prominent, giving people a feeling of not being rich. The eyebrows can be modified according to the long face type, which is slightly longer, and the shape is horizontal or slightly curved, so that it is as soft as possible to widen the forehead and make up for the defects of the humerus. .

Triangular face: the forehead is narrow, the cheeks are large, the jaw is wide, the eyebrows should be slightly longer, and the eyebrows are basically on the same horizontal line. In order to achieve the effect of widening the amount of the front, avoid the curved eyebrows and short eyebrows.

Inverted triangular face: Because the frontal part is wide, the cheek is small, the lower jaw is narrow, and the eyebrow shape should be curved, which can achieve the effect of contracting the forehead.

Old-fashioned eyebrow design: According to the aging performance of the elderly skin, eyebrows and drooping of the outer corner of the eye, the design of the eyebrows should be parallel or slightly upward, making people look more spiritual and younger than the actual age.

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