How to choose panel furniture

Panel furniture is cheap and beautiful, making it the first choice for many young homes. But the panel furniture is also good or bad. Now, see Xiaobian teaches you how to purchase the good panel furniture.

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Because the panel furniture is made of wood-based panels, it is inevitable that there is formaldehyde or paint smell in any case, so it is possible to judge whether the furniture is worth buying through the nose.

If you can smell the pungent smell when you walk into the furniture store, then this furniture does not need to be seen. Even the furniture that is sampled cannot guarantee environmental protection. The furniture that will be delivered to the home will definitely have more problems.

Open the large cabinet, open the drawer, observe the details of the furniture, but also give full play to the function of the nose, and have the smell, (generally there are some points, but if the pungent, tearing situation appears, it is the furniture that can not be purchased, even if the style is attractive People, how the price is favorable, can not buy)


Mainly to see the edge, if the edge of the edge and the plate interface has obvious edge, it means that the processing technology of the furniture factory is obviously not enough.

The veneer veneer furniture mainly depends on the texture, color and corner of the veneer. If the texture is not deep enough and delicate, it means that the thickness of the veneer used is not enough. If the color is not natural, it is deep and shallow, indicating that the paint process is not enough. If there are peeling and slanting corners at the corners, it means that the processing technology is not enough. These furniture cannot be purchased.

Looking at the connection between the drawer and the hardware, it is also possible to look at the quality of the furniture. The panel furniture is connected by hardware. If the hardware of a piece of furniture is not enough, or it is simply fixed with nails, the furniture manufacturer is not strong enough, and the ability to grasp the details is poor.

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Is the furniture surface smooth and burr-free? Is the feel good?

the amount

Use the box ruler to measure the main functional dimensions of the furniture.

(1) The hanging space of the bedroom cabinet is ≥ 530mm.

(2) The height of the table is 680, 700, 720, 740, 760 mm.

(3) The middle clearance height of the table is ≥580mm, and the intermediate clearance is ≥520mm.

(4) The bedroom cabinet has a high hanging space, a long coat ≥ 1400mm, and a short coat ≥ 900mm.

(5) The height of the chair and stool is 400, 420 and 440mm.

(6) The clothes rail is divided into front and rear and kept horizontal.

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Open the door, feel smooth, no sound. Pull the drawer for a non-blocking feel.


Ask the brand of furniture sheet, quality grade, brand of paint, brand of hardware. Of course, the most important thing is to look at the brand.

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