Post-press technology innovation has become a hot spot in the printing and packaging market

The prepress and printing of the current printing (packing and printing) use computer technology and new equipment to complete the upgrading of production factors. The production efficiency of the product quality has been rapidly improved, and the post-printing processing technology as surface finishing and adhesive molding has fallen behind, and it is no longer suitable for printing. The changes and requirements of technology and printed materials have hampered the development of printing as a whole. Surface coating film, coating, bronzing, glue forming glue binding, paste box printing and processing will form a new industrial structure of the packaging and printing industry, product structure adjustment and business connotation.

The coating has been improved from a glued wet composite process to a precoating dry composite process. In the past two years, a latex-type (water-based adhesive) temperature-type compounding process has been introduced. The formation of a pre-film dry composite process, solvent-type adhesive that wet composite technology, emulsion type (water-based plastic) that is glued wet composite process multiple forms of production coexist. It promotes the diversified development of materials such as solvent-free melting hot-melt adhesive pre-coated films, solvent-softening-coated quasi-pre-coated films, film-covered hot-melt adhesives, solvent-coated adhesives, and emulsion-based (aqueous) film-coated adhesives. Liquid crystal display simple dry laminating machine (electronic laminating machine), liquid dynamic infrared double chamber oil temperature efficient laminating machine, non-heating water-based glue laminating machine, wet and dry laminating machine and many other structures, performance, price machinery Manufacturing. At the same time, new sales groups are formed that are based on certain technologies or are compatible with multiple technologies.

The glazing was rapidly adopted to reduce the cost of surface finishing and eliminate the use of composite films to prevent "white pollution." In addition to UV-type, water-based, and other differences, glazing coatings also include light, matt, and metallic light, as well as overall glazing, partial glazing, and diversified glazing methods, and complete the development of printing machines online.

Glue-gluing and gluing, etc., bonding and forming processing, and gradually realize mechanization and automation. New production technologies require new materials. Not only the pursuit of initial viscosity is fast and good, but it also requires long-term and effective long-term stability. The diversity of glue-adhesive hot-melt adhesives and gluing systems allows users to have more choices.

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