Classical beauty - Masu's Daren-level acne

Since "Hidden", there have been a series of similar TV series. I believe that everyone is no stranger to the recently broadcast TV series "Cheongsam", because "Cheongsam" has created a new high in ratings. The heroine Mazu in "Cheongsam" finally relies on himself. The effort and outstanding acting skills got rid of the vase title of "Kong Linghui's girlfriend" and quickly entered the state. And Masu is also very particular about beauty and skin care to make himself more perfect.

Classical beauty Masu's Daren-level acne

Following "The Moral Bottom Line" and "The War of the Winners", Masu continued to shoot "Cheongsam" on the street. With constant schedules and work, Masu has always maintained the perfect state of classical beauty . How did she do it? Here we will share the experience of Masu's Daren-level skin care.

Masu's Daren-level acne

Classical beauty Masu's Daren-level acne

Masu has a refined face, and a set of Masu is also a acne. Masu is a northeast girl who often takes acne when filming in the south, so Masu developed a set of acne methods. If you have the same acne trouble, then let's take a look at how Masu is acne. .

Classical beauty Masu's Daren-level acne

Masu suggested that the first step of acne is to clean, the temperature of the face should not be too hot, wash the face as much as possible with warm or cold water, avoid using too irritating facial soap, you should use a mildly compatible facial cleanser to avoid The grease was washed away too much. Masu likes to use natural ingredients in a acne suit that is gentle and not irritating.

In addition, Masu said that when he was filming outdoors, he would wear an oil-free sunscreen cream. When he went home, he would clean it and use an ice towel to calm the skin. There are too many sunscreen creams on the market that contain greasy ingredients. The use of acne-type greasy skin will have counter-effects. Please choose the oil-free formula when choosing.

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