Inventory of new digital label printer features

With more and more printer manufacturers' parameters, digital label printing technology has made great progress. Short-run, custom-sized labels and variable data make this area a new growth point in the printing industry.

The printing technology in the label market is complex and many start-up companies want to enter the market through low-cost solutions. Today's digital label printers use a variety of digital printing technologies that we know well, including liquid toner, dry toner, solvent-based inkjet printers, UV-curing single-channel and multi-channel inkjet printers, and thermal transfer ribbon printers. Wait. The printing unit with a higher production speed has a toner-based electrophotographic and thermal transfer on-line unit.

Flexo printing is still the leader in the label printing market. Flexo printing uses a polyester plate for high print resolution and can be imaged directly on substrates such as vinyl or paper. This printing method is fast, economical, and widely used in the field of labels. The reason why flexo printing is suitable for label printing is that it can use a variety of spot colors, including color, fluorescent, and metallic colors. When we print labels with digital presses, the available spot colors are limited. Manufacturers of liquid (HP) ink and dry toner (all other toner systems) equipment are often able to provide several spot color formulations based on customer needs. What about the performance of digital printing equipment manufacturers?

- EFI's single-channel UV printer can print 4- or 6-colors with UV-curable inks at a resolution of 1000 dpi; SolarJet's SolarJet is a printer that uses a Xaar 760 print head (4 colors, 900900 dpi). Independent UV inkjet label printer.

This press is equipped with a Xaar 760 print head, which gives the user a visual resolution of 900 x 900 dpi. The company also allowed its ink experts to develop SunJet UV inks specifically for SolarJet printers. The four-color press has a maximum print speed of 80 feet per minute and a print width of 2.1 to 6.3 meters.

- The HP Indigo press has been a huge success in the market, and the most popular ws4500 Indigo press now has a more powerful brother model, the ws600, which will be officially launched in early 2009. .

- The Xeikon 3300 has taken the limelight in the market with a resolution of 1200dpi and a fifth imaging unit dedicated to spot or white printing.

- JF Machines Pico Colour 70&140 series narrow web presses can print on a wide range of materials, including films, foils and textiles, with a maximum print width of up to 160 mm.

- Denmark's Nilpeter's Caslon inkjet presses use the Xaar 1001 gray-scale print head, which has four print bars, each with 5 or 6 print heads. This single-pass printing system with UV-curable ink can achieve a resolution of 720×360 dpi.

- The Stork DSI Inkjet Printer is a narrow-format inkjet device that uses an open platform that can be integrated in a variety of printers. With a maximum speed of 35 meters per minute, this press gives users the fastest speed and the widest choice of substrates.

- Finally, one of the models we will introduce is the Degrava Systems 8500 four-color toner printer sold by Xante Corporation. Its maximum resolution is 600600 dpi and it is inexpensive.

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