How many sunscreens do you have?

You only have one sunscreen , and you don't like it? After the middle age, where should you go? Aging, scars... are all because of the laziness of youth. How many sunscreens a woman should have, just like how many bags she has, what needs it, and what occasions should be replaced.

How many sunscreens should a woman have?

The first one is the magic weapon

In the summer, sun protection is the most important skin care course for every girl. For the 9-to-five “commuter” MM, your first sunscreen should be the “universal sunscreen” that must be used every day. It has a relatively high sun protection index. The refreshing texture and the effect of slightly moisturizing, many cosmeceutical brands define this type of sunscreen as “daily isolation”. The sun protection factor of SPF30 is effective against the bright sunshine encountered on the way to work, and the texture is not heavy. When you put on makeup, you won't feel sticky. The broad-spectrum effect is against the computer radiation and the UVA through the glass. It is suitable for the daily needs of the Office girl.

However, just like a new employee interview, you have different requirements for your first sunscreen for different occupations. First of all, what you need to determine is how much time are you going out? If you are a clerk MM who is fixed to work, then the time you can reach the sun is on the way to work and off work. In the early morning and evening, the UVA in UV is more serious than UVB, so the low SPF index and high PA index are more practical. In fact, SPF15/PA+++ sunscreen is enough to resist the sun you encounter; if you often need to travel on the road to sell MM, then, in the choice of not less than SPF30 sunscreen index, it is best to choose to contain physical sunscreen Ingredients of sunscreen are significantly stronger than chemical sunscreens in terms of durability and water and sweat resistance. Please remember to apply before each time you go out.

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