Be wary of falling into the sunscreen trap during the trip

If you don’t pay attention to the five sunscreen misunderstandings in the trip , let’s take a look.

Myth 1: The ultraviolet light is very strong only at very hot temperatures.

Real situation: UV does not heat up. For example, when people climb mountains, the more they go up, the cooler the mountain winds, and the stronger the ultraviolet rays. For every 1000 meters, the UV light is increased by 10%. The same is true in the sea: the sea breeze makes you feel cool, but the ultraviolet rays have reached a very high level. Outdoors, it is important to remember that sun protection is always a top priority. Olay Olay is a lightweight sunscreen lotion (SPF30, PA+++), which is called the all-purpose sunscreen king, and a bottle of challenges all day. The light texture does not stop the sea breeze from blowing, making your holiday beautiful.

Myth 2: Clouds are thick on cloudy days, and ultraviolet rays will not hurt the skin!

Reality: The cloud layer has almost no isolation for ultraviolet light, 90% of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds, only the dark and heavy rain clouds can block some of the ultraviolet rays. The new Olay Olay Oil is designed to be the leading sun protection technology in Asia. The unique new broad-spectrum sunscreen ingredient TINOSORB M & TINOSORB S has a breakthrough of reflection, scattering and absorption triple protection and high-efficiency UV protection. Cloudy days will also protect our delicate skin.

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