Is the cleansing oil a honey or a poison?

Although cleansing oil is recognized by consumers, there are not many people who really know the principle of makeup removal. However, if you understand the cleansing oil removal principle and know your skin condition clearly, then decide which makeup remover to use, it will be of great benefit to your skin.

Simply put, about 90% of cleansing oils are oily ingredients, while the remaining 10% are fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives and surfactants. The principle of makeup removal relies on the softening of oil to dissolve the powder, so that it falls off the surface of the skin, and then the emulsifier is emulsified with water, and the makeup and oil are turned into a suspension, so that a makeup removal process is basically completed. It is.

The most important thing about the quality of cleansing oil is that it depends on the quality of the oil. The refined vegetable oil is soft and smooth and easy to rinse, and it can safely and effectively moisturize the skin. Secondly, what kind of emulsification technology is used? Very critical, emulsified completely and mildly emulsified is also a good indicator of cleansing oil; finally, the less important ingredients such as flavors, pigments, preservatives, stabilizers, etc., the better, these things are most likely to cause allergies.

Those who like cleansing oil think that the cleansing oil remover is quick and in-depth, and it can easily have the original color without too much time and procedure, and the cleansing oil has the highest oil content and can best care for dry and mature skin. Those who hate cleansing oil scream that most of the cleansing oils are mineral oils and synthetic esters, which are most likely to cause acne, and the emulsification reaction is carried out on the skin. Over time, it will cause dryness and sensitivity.

With the rapid development of beauty technology, cleansing oil has begun to change more and more, of which dry and wet cleansing oil, eye and lip cleansing oil and layered cleansing oil are the pioneers of this new type of cleansing oil.

Speaking of wet and dry cleansing oil, I think this must be the favorite of many lazy people, because even when the hands are full of water in the bath does not affect the makeup and ability. But this seemingly beautiful thing hides many uneasy factors. First of all, as I said earlier, the cleansing oil relies mainly on oil to soften and dissolve the powder. Do you think that the cleansing oil from the wet hand has been emulsified into a white suspension with water, and the oil is almost consumed, how to soften the powder. The secret is often to add a large amount of surfactants, relying on these adjuvants to achieve the purpose of makeup removal, and the result is often to reduce the proportion of oil, increase the emulsifier and surfactant, although it feels light and easy to rinse However, the stimulation of the skin is increasing. If it is not eager to quickly remove makeup, it is not necessary to use such products.

Of course, in addition to dry and wet cleansing oils, stratified color-cleaning cleansing oil is also a popular product for makeup remover. It is a combination of multi-layer liquid and a make-up remover that is both fun and fun. However, this product is not as good as the brand boasting. First of all, this layer of cleansing oil is mostly semi-aqueous and semi-oily, so the makeup removal ability of the whole oil component is greatly reduced compared to the oil-removing makeup remover. How to solve it? The most convenient and convenient way is to add a large amount of surfactant to increase its makeup removal ability, but the stimulation is also greatly increased. In addition, half-oil and half-water makeup remover products need to be shaken before use to make the water and oil mix well, but the careful readers will have doubts, the water and oil will not melt, why can this makeup remover mix the two? And the time is long? The key is to add a lot of adjuvants, which inadvertently increase the irritability. Third, layered makeup removers often present two or more colors, which are not the result of plant ingredients, most of which are artificial colors, which is a source of allergies. So for this seemingly beautiful layered cleansing oil, there are actually many traps.

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