The combination of water and romantic capital of Yuling Glacier

Feovring (妃玲), taken from the snow melt in the Alps, is a far cry from the carnival under the Eiffel Tower. It is calm and rational, low-key but luxurious. It makes women's summer skin moisturizing, it allows women to lock in the water in the summer, it makes all women overnight. It uses the romance of France...

When the hot summer is coming, as a woman who loves beauty, moisturizing naturally becomes a compulsory course for this summer. In every woman's skin care product family, there must be one or several masks of their own love. It is like a woman's intimate girlfriend, always giving women the most appropriate skin whitening care when women need it. However, a crucial question is placed in front of the woman: when the temperature difference is like a sharp edge, I will give you a gentle knife from time to time. How do you use the mask in your hand as a shield?

How important is moisturizing whitening, everyone knows, but to achieve the moisturizing whitening of ingredients, it is not as simple as a layer of cream or toner.

Yan Ling comes from pure natural iceberg lake water

The combination of water and romantic capital of Yuling Glacier

If you have ever dreamed of starting a cool trip, then the Alps will be the first choice in your dreams. When you close your eyes and smell the alpine snow melting down the cheeks, the skin instantly slips away from the 37°C gold body temperature at 37°C. How can it be “sweet”?

And this summer, you can enjoy the romance and travel romance of the Alps while you are at home, because you can have the "Feovring" moisturizing essence mask, which is the most beautiful fairy tale town in the French Alps, satisfying everything. The feminine imagination of the princess, which is located at the Farui border is called "European Shangri-La." It is backed by the Alps. The white snow melts on the mountain and the pure snow melts down the mountain. It gathers in the local area of ​​the famous Lingling Lake next to Feovring, which is considered to be the purest lake in Europe. The products of Yanling's brand are basically extracted from Lingling Lake.

This summer, we have a Feovring moisturizing essence mask that allows the skin to travel!

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Delivery: usually 35-40 days after approval of pre-production sample.

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