Hundreds of germination germination

As the saying goes, "There is a germination of the herb, and there is a disease." Spring is a season of prosperity, and it is also a season in which the body is weak and prone to illness. Therefore, in spring, we should pay more attention to health care and prevent problems before they happen.

Liver food

Chinese medicine believes that the main wind in spring, the wind hurts people, so the most vulnerable to the liver of the human, especially easy to consume liver yin, making the liver yin deficiency. Insufficient liver yin usually causes dizziness, dry eyes, eyelids, flank pain, hand and foot peristalsis, red tongue, less pulse, weak pulse and other symptoms. In severe cases, liver wind and stroke may occur. Spring in the four seasons is the season of high incidence of liver disease, and the four seasons of Chinese medicine advocates the best in the spring.

The liver is the metabolic core of the human body and the “detoxification factory”, which is especially important for human health. At the same time, spring is the season when all the creatures are prosperous and new, and the liver of the people is also beginning to flourish. It is a good time to nurse the liver . Therefore, Chinese medicine has the saying that "Spring is good for liver." Spring has opened the prelude to a one-year life cycle, and health should be based on liver and liver protection. How to raise liver?

Liver food

First, more drinking water in the early spring cold and dry and easy to lack water, drink plenty of water can replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, drink plenty of water can also promote gland, especially the secretion of digestive gland and pancreatic juice, bile, in order to facilitate digestion, absorption And the elimination of waste, reducing the damage of liver products caused by metabolites and toxins.

Second, the diet balance should not overeating or often hunger, this hunger, uneven eating habits, will cause abnormal secretion of digestive juice, leading to liver function disorders. Therefore, the spring diet should be balanced, and the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. in the food should be kept at the corresponding proportions; at the same time, the five flavors should be kept unbiased; try to eat less spicy foods and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Liver food

Third, less drinking in the early spring, the cold is more prosperous, a small amount of drinking is conducive to the passage of blood, blood, silt and liver yang. But you can't be overdone. You need to know that the liver's ability to metabolize alcohol is limited. Drinking more can hurt the liver. According to medical research, a healthy person weighing 60 kilograms can only metabolize 60 grams of alcohol per day. If it exceeds the limit, it will affect liver health and even cause alcoholism and life-threatening.

Fourth, the mood is comfortable and optimistic makes people healthy. Because the liver likes to stagnate the stagnation, it is easy to cause angry anger and stagnation. If you want to be strong in the liver, you must first learn to anger, even if you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes. Try to be calm, optimistic, and carefree, so that the liver is extinguished, and the liver is normal and smooth. If you violate this natural law, it will hurt the liver, and for a long time, it is easy to cause liver disease.

Liver food

Fifth, the right amount of sports spring is a good time for all things to sprout, but also the golden season of physical exercise. In the spring, it is suitable for seasonal outdoor activities, such as walking, walking, playing, and tai chi, which can make the human body's blood and blood smooth, promote the vomiting and new, strengthen the body, and can improve the liver and achieve the purpose of protecting the liver.

Sixth, clothing should be loose spring hair, the human body is also true. The ancients said that the loose clothes belt, the hair is scattered, the body is stretched, and the blood does not accumulate. The liver is smooth and the body is bound to be strong.

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