The old actress's makeup is over forty years old.

With the increase of age, many actresses have not changed their faces, but the older they are, the more attractive they are. Let’s take a look at the look of the actress who is still 40 years old.

Zhou Haimei

Zhou Haimei

Real age: 45 years old

Still clearly remember the beautiful woman Zhou Yiruo in the old version of "Eternal Dragon Slayer", she is played by Zhou Haimei. Although Zhou Haimei is now over 40 years old, her pure and sweet appearance and white ski skin are definitely not reduced.

It is indeed enviable for a woman to have such a smooth skin in 40 years. How is Zhou Haimei maintained? Zhou Haimei's anti-aging care is based on the "muscle fasting" for the face that is coated with too much chemical. The ability to adjust the skin will be worse. When the change is very easy, the skin care will be reduced and the skin condition will be more stable. Help the skin "clear the stomach" at the right time, and then the absorption of the skin care products is fast.

Liu Xiaoqing

Liu Xiaoqing

Real age: 50+

The white gauze skirt is worn on Liu Xiaoqing's body, not at all awkward, the golden curly hair looks like a sly, the earthy color makeup makes her look very beautiful, showing a pure atmosphere. Looking at this Liu Xiaoqing blown skin can be broken, it is incredible that Liu Xiaoqing has reached the age of 50+.

In addition to the natural beauty, in fact, there are tricks, it is maintenance. Liu Xiaoqing daily maintenance steps: lotion - eye cream - lotion. Liu Xiaoqing must use eye cream every day. Her other secret is to drink soup.

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