Eye Drop Bottle Production Process

Eye drop bottle: It is an eye drop bottle, which is mainly made of materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene and added with various organic solvents. The eye drops bottle production process: mainly high-pressure tube type and kettle type two kinds of methods. From the current development situation, in order to reduce the reaction temperature and pressure, the tubular process generally uses a low-temperature and high-activity initiator to initiate the polymerization system. High-purity ethylene is used as the main raw material, propylene/propane is used as the density regulator, and high activity initiation is used. The polymerization is carried out at about 200°C to 330°C and 150 to 300 MPa. The polymer that initiates polymerization in the reactor must be subjected to high pressure, medium pressure, and low pressure cooling and separation. After the high pressure circulating gas is cooled and separated, it is sent to the inlet of an ultra-high pressure (300 MPa) compressor. The intermediate pressure circulating gas is cooled and separated. After being fed into the high pressure (30 MPa) compressor inlet, the low pressure circulating gas is cooled, separated and sent to the low pressure (0.5 MPa) compressor for recycling. The molten polyethylene is separated by high pressure and low pressure and then sent to the granulator for water. When pelletizing, when granulating, the company can add suitable additives according to different application fields, and the pellets are packaged and delivered. The eye drops bottle can show good use value in the health care industry and play an important packaging effect. The production process of the eye drop bottle needs to be produced according to a certain process and method, strictly follow certain procedures and standards for production, and ensure that the eye drop bottle produced does not pass certain environmental pollution and reaches a certain level of health standards.

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