Some Problems in Rock Climbing Training: How to Train Overdose

We all know that rock climbing training is very bitter. It takes a long time. Some strange things happen to people's emotions or spirits. Is training excessive? What can we do to restore normal conditions?

Before discussing this issue, let us first look at the possibility of this happening - in fact, you do not have training at all. I think most rock climbers who have symptoms of overtraining do not actually exceed the limits that their body can tolerate, but because of the rigid training methods. Are you always doing the same exercises on the same rock wall, the same type of rock, in the same scene? If this is the case, try some different exercises before you take steps like more rest to treat overtraining. Imagine your usual climbing route and then make a slight change to it.

However, if you are certain that your movement is correct and your body can move as you wish, it may be that your exercise is excessive. However, this situation is rarely seen among amateurs. If there are three measures that can be taken:

(A): Find out the real causes of excessive exercise symptoms, such as lack of sleep, poor diet, single rock climbing tools, poor warm-up activities and so on. If you plan to perform some overload training, pay more attention to the above factors than ever before.

(b): Rather than rest, it is better to adjust the training load slightly. The specific amount can be determined according to individual conditions. In the event of overtraining, some athletes may need to rest for two or three days, while others may only need to reduce the amount of exercise within a day or two.

But remember to stop and rest is only half done - don't forget to relieve physical and psychological stress, relax yourself, eat well, take a rest, change the environment, and give your body a chance to recover.

(3) Long flow and slow peaking. If you have been training hard for many weeks, and even if you know that you are healthy and just a little exhausted, perhaps your body will signal that if you continue this strength, your body will have problems. remember. Be sure to do the following: reduce the amount of training in the next few weeks, give yourself more time to rest, practice more skills, and do a variety of climbing skills than just physical training. Achievements. Sometimes, the biggest mistake a rock climber makes is to rest. You may feel that the loss of physical activity will result in a loss of physical training. However, as long as your rock climbing is regulated, what can happen is that your body recovers from the depressed state and is stronger than before. Time will give you the opportunity to complete the plan, but occasionally forget to train for the time being and treat it as a lifelong project.

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