Thoughts and lines of cosmetics stores

With the intensification of competition in the domestic cosmetics market and the homogenized marketing operation mode, more corporate brands are seeking new breakthroughs! The specialty store used to be a small circulation channel that was “contemptuous” by many brands, but accompanied by Guerlain, Nature Hall, and Ou Shiman. When the brand rises from the specialty store, more corporate brands begin to upgrade the store operation of the specialty store. The living environment of the cosmetics store has been optimized, but with the increase of various expenses and the increase in the number of specialty stores, the store Its own terminal operation will become the focus of many enterprises and agents' operational practices.

1. Increased competition in cosmetics monopoly channels

Cosmetics monopoly has gradually become a trend of diversified development of daily chemical industry channels. Many prefecture-level and county-level urban cosmetics sales have rapidly emerged as a chain of specialty stores. As a sales channel, it will face an increasingly fierce competition in the flattening of channels and homogenization of models:

1. Competition for peer-to-peer monopoly. Cosmetics is a kind of high-profit industry. With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's consumer demand, the demand for cosmetics is also growing steadily, which has led more and more agents and enterprises to join the channel of beauty cosmetics monopoly. In the middle, but due to the rapid development of the market, the competition for competitive brands, peer-to-peer monopoly and the scarcity of the terminal resources of the store, the rising costs, formed a bottleneck in the profitability of many specialty stores.

2. The impact of the business model. The rapid development of international and regional large-scale chain stores has gradually promoted the daily purchase of washing and cosmetics to the beauty and makeup. Many supermarket chains have focused on high-quality and low-cost popular consumption, and their brand and scale effect on specialty stores. The passage forms an impact. Some cosmetic brands achieve their own brand promotion purposes through large-scale commercial supermarkets. This form is relatively traditional, but it is also a model often used by many well-known brands, but it is faced with the increase in costs and the increase in thresholds. At the same time, it is more complementary to the sales volume and profit of the channel.

3. The impact of e-commerce. As an emerging marketing model, e-commerce plays an increasingly important role in promoting cosmetics sales. Some well-known foreign brands, through the network sales, performance is very good. In the consciousness of many people, the network may not be trusted by people, but in fact, there are many advantages in selling products compared to other forms of sales, low cost, high profit, and convenient operation.

Although cosmetic monopoly has encountered many difficulties, the development of any industry is not smooth sailing. In the face of development difficulties, it is even more necessary to carry out model innovation. As long as a store is opened, the phenomenon of making money will never return. The consumer environment, market competition and consumers are changing rapidly. It is now difficult to operate the cosmetics store and chain channels. Every time you open a store, you must carefully analyze the market and conduct accurate market positioning. This positioning is mainly for the choice of consumer groups in the business environment of the store. What is the level of consumption in this area? What is the competition store selling? Why do consumers buy your products without buying others? What is the difference between your specialty stores? What grades are you selling? What kind of services do you need? In the final analysis, it is necessary to open a store on the basis of a full market adjustment of the storefront, and have a full understanding of the market. Otherwise, it will develop rapidly and die very quickly.

2, the basis of the store brand combination in the store's positioning

When choosing a brand management, a specialty store must choose multiple brands and different categories to carry out a combination of storefront product lines. Nowadays, a single brand or variety is difficult to meet people's diversified consumer demand, posing a threat to the production profit of the store. A single-brand monopoly with high-end or small-volume profits will be difficult to support the operation of the store.

In the face of numerous brand sales, store operators must choose their own storefront positioning and the consumer groups they face to choose their own business, that is, what is the purpose of your choice of this brand?

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