Do you know the makeup of the stars?

Fruit juice exfoliation

For those particularly rough parts of the body, you can seek fruit help. Cut a lemon in half, place the ocean bath salt on it, and then rub the cut lemon hemisphere to the elbows, ankles and knees. Jennifer Lopez used this trick before taking the red carpet.

Brush is more shiny

Stars can try all the latest and most advanced body methods, but they tend to love the original method of not having much technical content - dry brush. You may wish to try it before bathing, using natural bristles to brush dry skin. Start with the ankle and gently brush the legs and arms 50 times. Brushing around the stomach

Exfoliating with sweet sugar

Whether it is DIY or go to the counter to buy, exfoliating matte material is best sweet. Sucrose is a good choice, both mild and effective. Before attending the large venue, top makeup artists who make their star guests a glass of sugar and a cup of olive oil mixed together and then playing circle on wet skin, but most make-up division and the stars of this little trick favored way .

Shoes Printer is a kind of machine used on shoes, also can be used on T-shirt, pants, clothing, hat, silk, shopping bag, hoodies and so on. We adopt digital programming, precision infrared scanning, multi - position sensor and high precision parts, to ensure that the printer performance is more stable and more precise positioning! 

We can design and open new mould for you upon your request. Also accept OEM services.

shoes printer

Textile Printer
Print head
Epson DX5 R1390
Printer size
Printing speed
A4 photo/111s
Max Printng resolution
Net weight/Gross weight
Printer size
Height adjustment
Working power
110V/220V   50/60Hz    30-75W
Operation system
Windows 7/98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/ XP/Mac/NT

Shoes Printer

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