Teach you how to choose the required course for wood-based panel home improvement

Decorative veneer veneer plywood (commonly known as flower board, decorative board)

1. The decorative veneer is a natural wood veneer or an artificial veneer finish. The natural wood veneer is made of precious natural wood, which is made of sliced ​​processing method. The natural wood veneer pattern is natural and has certain variability. The artificial thin wood texture is basically straight and the pattern is regular.

2, select decorative veneer veneer plywood should pay attention to decorative, decorative material should be fine and uniform, clear color, beautiful wood grain, texture should be arranged according to a certain rule, the seam and the edge of the board should be parallel.

3. Observe the level of formaldehyde emission. The E1 level indicates that the formaldehyde emission should be less than 1.5mg/L, and the E2 level indicates that the formaldehyde emission should be less than 5.0mg/L.

4. Don't ignore the surface bonding strength of the board itself and the bonding strength of the substrate.

Plywood (commonly known as three PCT, five PCT, etc.)

The adjacent layers of ordinary plywood have wood grain which is 'vertical' with each other and the number of layers is odd.

1. Appearance: The surface of the watch is smooth and smooth, and the wood layer is clear. The glue layer cannot be bubbled or layered. Avoid selecting the panel splicing seams, laminations and core panels. Plywood larger than 6 mm should also determine whether the warpage exceeds the standard. The warpage of the special board should not exceed 0.5%, the first and second boards should not exceed 1%, and the third board should not exceed 2%.

2, size: Do not buy thick plywood with thickness and shortness.

3. Formaldehyde emission: The state prohibits the sale of plates with formaldehyde emission greater than 5.0mg/L for interior decoration.

4. Gluing strength: The plywood can be opened along the adhesive layer with a small knife to observe the traces of residual wood on the adhesive layer. If there is more wood left on the peeling surface, the quality of the plywood is better. For example, the veneer of the plywood is peeled off along the rubber layer, and the residual wood is not seen on the adhesive surface, which proves that the strength of the wood has not been fully exerted and the rubber layer has been destroyed. Therefore, the bonding strength is poor.

Blockboard (commonly known as large core board, thick core board)

1. The blockboard is usually a five-layer symmetrical structure, which is made up of a surface plate, a core plate, a core of a core, a blank, and a hot press.

2, should pay attention to the inner 'core' beauty: the quality of the core strip material and whether the stitching is dense directly affects the strength of the blockboard. If you have the conditions, it is best to randomly take a saw from a large stack of plates.

3. Pay attention to the amount of formaldehyde released: E1 grade plates with formaldehyde emission of not more than 1.5mg/L can be directly used indoors, and E2 grade boards of not more than 5.0mg/L must be used for interior treatment after finishing treatment.

This time, a total of 83 kinds of wood-based panel products were inspected, 42 were qualified, and the sampling pass rate was 50.6%. Among them, the pass rate of blockboard is 35.5%; the veneer veneer of decorative veneer is 84.0%; the medium density fiberboard is 37.5%; the plywood is 36.8%.

The main problems in the spot check are the short thickness of the thickness, the lack of the size of the blockboard, the failure of the glue strength and the non-standard marking.

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