Brief introduction of edible oil packaging materials and canning process

According to reports, the country has some non-mandatory requirements for packaging materials for food oil products. It is best to use opaque dark materials for edible oil bottles. Due to the fact that they are oils and fats, there is a relatively high barrier to the use of edible oil bottle materials. At present domestic and foreign edible oil products are basically used PET bottles. In terms of labeling and coding, except for clear printing, it is necessary to cover the production date and warranty period information, but there is no corresponding provision on the location of labeling and marking.
In the Hengyang factory visited by the reporter, the main processing blend oil series was mainly used. The crude oil refining and pressing processes were all carried out at the Puyang plant. At present, there are two production lines in the Hengyang factory, of which a fully automatic production line is under construction. There are 36 filling machines on the line, mainly used for filling 4.5L and 5L small packaging oils; the other one has been built semi-automatically. The production line has 12 filling machines for filling 21.74L of Zhongda packaging oil, which is mainly supplied to restaurants. In order to reduce the damage of edible oil bottles during transportation and may be contaminated by dust, etc., the company's Hengyang factory building is connected with a fully automatic blower, and Ximan Company is responsible for the previous processes such as injection molding and blowing.
According to the order, after purchasing the required oil into the factory, it is adjusted by a certain proportion and then filled. When the empty edible oil bottle is driven by the conveyor belt down to the filling area, the filling equipment implements the filling bottle after receiving the electronic pulse command from the sensor. When filling the volumetric specification, the sensor will automatically stop filling the filling machine. Install the signal, filling is complete at this time. The oil-filled edible oil bottle is transported to the lower gland area after a brief rest. After the center of the cap aligns with the corresponding bottle mouth, the cap on the capping head presses the cap down on the bottle mouth as the capper operates. After confirming that the capping is complete, the edible oil bottle is transported to the coding area by the conveyor belt.

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