Screen Printing Issues

The details determine the success or failure. In the process of screen printing, if some aspects are not noticed, it is easy to affect the quality of printing and cause a series of troubles.

For the screen printing that is jointly completed by many people in the division of labor, only the upstream process is responsible for the next process, and the self-inspection and self-examination of each process are done well, and the quality is strictly controlled, so as to produce the user-satisfying screen printing products. The perfect match between the screen, ink and Guangzhou printing is a prerequisite for good print. The quality of the printing plate directly determines the quality of the printed product. Printing is only a check on the quality of plate making. However, given the stable quality of the printing plate, due to the ignorance of the Guangzhou printing workers, the ideal print can not be obtained. Cause greater waste, defective or waste products.

Prior to batch printing, the printed screen should be fixed and tested for ink printing to check the layout, ink color, ink thickness, specifications, and registration accuracy. If the registration accuracy is poor, you can adjust it according to the fine adjustment knob on the front of the frame; if the hue of the ink is not correct, check whether the wrong ink is used and replace it immediately; if the ink is bad, use a solvent to wipe the graphic part of the printing plate to make the ink transparent. Over-performance and wettability of the substrate have been improved; if there is a large difference in the tone and level of the graphic, the printed screen should be replaced immediately. The following points must be noted during the printing process.

(1) Look at the rules. As the printing plate moves back and forth during printing, the printing plate and the frame are subjected to collision and vibration in the back-and-forth operation. A small displacement occurs between the printing plate and the frame, resulting in inaccurate overprinting and affecting the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, we must always look at the rules, discover them in time, and adjust them in time.

(2) often check proofs. If you find that the print is blotted out of ink, clean the screen with a clean cotton cloth. Most of this is due to the sticky plastic film on the plate or the ink crust drying to block the screen. If the ink is found to be uneven or faded, the viscosity of the ink may be too high. The viscosity of the ink should be shut down immediately by diluting the viscosity of the ink. At the same time, the graphic portion of the plate should be wiped with gasoline to prevent bleeding or blocking of the net so as to facilitate continuous operation.

(3) The stacking of semi-finished products should be neat. In the process of stacking semi-finished products, it is necessary to let the two sides of the paper fall down. Otherwise, the paper is bowed due to its own gravity, the two sides of the paper are upturned and not flat, and the paper is difficult to convey during printing, and the phenomenon of breakage often occurs. When the sheet is uneven, it can be leveled with cardboard. At the same time, the height of the sheet must be adjusted with the adjustment knob of the sheet separation mechanism so that the paper can be smoothly conveyed and the printing process can proceed smoothly.

(4) The blade of the drying device has been damaged due to long-term use, and some places are not synchronized with the operation of the mainframe, often resulting in spurious prints on the paper frame. At this time, we should try to get rid of the disease quickly and immediately remove it from the bottom of the chaotic sheet. It is better not to make the ink film face to avoid stickiness or defective products.

Therefore, only by attaching importance to all aspects affecting the quality of printing, can we produce beautiful printed matter, increase the yield, reduce the consumption and increase the benefit, and make the enterprise stand invincible in the market competition.

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