Limited Collection of Amazing Crystal Bottles

Amazing crystal bottle!! Limited collection!!
Frapin Cognac produced this crystal bottle with the most original concept and the most elegant design. Produced by Cristalleries Royale de Champagne, it is embellished with 24-karat gold thread. This spiral shape symbolizes the aging of the cognac. Artistic conception, the ordinary wine is transformed into water of life, bit by bit, in addition to the gold thread, of course, there is a golden bottle stopper.

The excellent wine bottles, crystals bring out the mystery of the old vintage. This bottle of Cognac comes from an old wine cellar, 1888 aging in the warehouse known as "Eden". Some of the Cognacs in this year are even older than 1888. After many generations and certified by the great Pierre Frapin, the quality of the wine is excellent.

This bottle of cognac in the very old vintage of Grand Champagne, whose grape variety is an ancient grape mutant called Mythic Folle Blanche, has almost become extinct in modern times. The unique flower fragrance, with its strength and grace, is the perfect product to follow tradition.
The 1,888 bottles were commemorated in commemoration of the great Pierre Frapin, and the vineyard was rebuilt in 1888. It was also the same year that the French Tower was established. He sent this bottle of aged dried wine to the 1888 World Exposition and won the gold medal, which has remained in the showroom of Farrabin Winery until now.

The impressive impact of that luxury, the scented multi-level surprising texture with dried fruits, nuts, raisins, prunes, citrus and coconut, fragrant beans and coffee aromas. The main characteristics are the floral notes from the winery, Lime tree, pepper, spice, honey, vanilla, leather and woody notes of tropical trees.

The Cognac Cellar was used as a gift box. The wood was reminiscent of the dry climate and was accompanied by a 1888 commemorative phenotype perfume with a charming aroma.

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Ribbon Baby Pacifier Clips

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