Suzhou Furniture Fair hosted a three-party talks on the furniture chain

In 2011, Suzhou Furniture Fair will be unveiled on June 3-6, and a series of activities will be launched before the exhibition to build a communication platform for all parties. This morning (May 10th), the “Unity is the power of 2011 dealers, shopping malls, and manufacturers to hold a win-win meeting” hosted by the Suzhou Furniture Fair was held in the multi-function hall on the second floor of the International Expo Center of the Industrial Park. Nearly 800 furniture manufacturers, dealer representatives and furniture store representatives from all over the country gathered together to exchange ideas and find cooperation opportunities to create a win-win situation. The atmosphere was warm and grand. As a large-scale professional furniture exhibition organization in China, Suzhou Furniture Fair invited the representatives of the three parties of the furniture industry chain to promote exchanges and create opportunities for the development of the furniture industry.

This 2011 furniture dealers, manufacturers, and stores will be the first in the industry to win the meeting. The president of Guangzhou Foshan Furniture Alliance and the president of Foshan Deli Furniture, Mr. Cai Weizhong, will be the host of the conference. At the opening speech, Mr. Cai Weizhong began with the story of “Swan, Prawn and Barracuda Pulling the Car”, referring to the same goal of the development of the furniture industry in the three directions of the industrial chain. In 2011, the overall development of the domestic furniture industry was slow. Faced with the problems of rising raw materials and rising labor costs, fierce competition in the industry promoted the reshuffle, brand polarization was serious, and there were more international brands. In this context, the industry believes that only the upstream and downstream of the furniture industry chain can go hand in hand to enhance competitiveness and create a win-win situation. Suzhou Furniture Fair invited more than 400 domestic furniture manufacturers and distributors to meet with more than 100 furniture store investment representatives, “find sellers for buyers, find buyers for sellers”, open up information channels, promote transaction success, and move towards furniture industry. Great integration creates opportunities.

At the meeting, representatives of furniture dealers, representatives of shopping malls, and representatives of manufacturers gave speeches on how to achieve a win-win situation. Ms. Su Yu, director of planning for Dingshi Home Store in Shandong, said that she has been in close contact with home shopping malls and dealers. No resource sharing, and a good communication success. She analyzed several major bottlenecks in the current operation of furniture stores, saying that store operations require professional planning and have their own unique business value. Investment promotion is the beginning. Whether it can be smoothly depends on the value of the store. The commercial value of the store needs to determine the positioning of the store according to the unique resources of the store, and define the most suitable development path.

Mr. Hu Weidong, President of Jiangsu Sikexin Furniture, spoke as a representative of the manufacturer. He said that the private economy is developing rapidly and currently holds half of the country and accounts for more than 80% of the Yangtze River Delta. However, it also sees that the private economy is still built on the consumption of resources and labor. Intensive mode, especially in the furniture industry. Suzhou Sakaguchi furniture has developed rapidly, with the largest scale of furniture wholesale market in East China and the second in China. Most of the Suzhou furniture enterprises have been established in the past ten years of development. There are still brand messes and product quality disorder. A considerable part of them are still furniture workshop production and family management. There is no corporate culture awareness, industry exchange and cooperation stay on the surface. However, with the continuous development of enterprises, the manufacturing furniture industry has begun to pay attention to quality and corporate culture, paying attention to industry cooperation and competition, and has been looking for breakthrough ideas, which are subdivided from various levels. I believe that with the changes of the outside world and the overall quality of enterprises, the furniture industry will welcome To develop better, the next decade will show new trends.

Mr. Qiu Gang, the general manager of Suzhou Hongxing Meikailong Zhongxiang Branch, also spoke as a guest. He said that Red Star Macalline Zhongxiang Store is in the process of preparation for the opening ceremony. In June, it will be the venue for the Suzhou Furniture Fair. I look forward to meeting the citizens of Suzhou. He also said that Red Star Macalline, as a high-end home store chain brand, hopes to achieve a win-win situation with many domestic furniture brands and factories.

After the guest's speech, they entered the free exchange area. Many furniture manufacturers and dealers began to exchange, and actively exchanged business cards with representatives of the furniture store. The booths of the major furniture stores were crowded. A factory representative said that he would participate in such a tripartite meeting for the first time, hoping to know more people in the industry and have more opportunities for exchanges.

The reporter interviewed Mr. Xie Jianhua, the director of the East China Operations of Avasiino Classical Furniture. The brand has settled in Shanghai Yuexing Home and Suzhou Sixth Space Store. He said that Awasino is positioned in the classical luxury personality, when choosing to enter the store, it will be Brand positioning and store positioning are determined. He said that he is optimistic about the development of Suzhou furniture market. Red Star Macalline has three points in Suzhou, which can show the consumption potential of this city. In addition, he said that although the property policy was introduced but more investment was hit, it could stimulate the real purchasing power, and the development of the furniture market was not affected by the property.

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