Sealed Air Says Its New Packaging System Improves Traceability

Sealedore said that its new packaging system can be integrated into existing production lines, and at the same time increase the productivity by 5 times, it also checks whether the order of packages is correct.

The system, called PriorityPak, is the latest from Sealed Air. It can package products, scan barcodes, weigh, provide shipping labels, and identify every product.

The pressure from retailers, consumers, and regulations (including the EU's General Food Act) forces food manufacturers and processors to ensure that their products are fully traceable.

Jeff Zahansky, business manager of Sealed Air's automated packaging solutions, said: "This type of advancement, one out of the way is very important, it can prevent misplacement and ensure that the order is correct."

Sealedore stated that the PriorityPak system only requires the lowest level of integration. An operator uses a PC on an existing packing station, removes plugs like handheld barcode scanners, scale and label printers, and connects them to PriorityPak. Yes.

Sealedore stated that, compared to non-integrated systems, the PriorityPak system has been ergonomically designed to increase product flow and increase the productivity of an operator by a factor of five. Sealed Air calculates that if the system is purchased, investment will be recovered in less than a year because of improved production.

Reproduced from: foodproductiondaily

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