Anti-counterfeiting printing technology

The technology refers to the transfer of anti-counterfeiting measures to printed matter by means of printing, so that the printed matter has identifiable methods, including anti-counterfeit printing design and anti-counterfeit printing technology. Such as computer-aided design, electronic engraving plate, back printing, rainbow printing, invisible printing, micro-printing, watermark printing, gravure printing pattern docking, wiring printing, multicolor superimposition and other anti-counterfeiting printing technology.

Paper anti-counterfeiting technology

During the process of copying or copying with special processes, special fiber materials are added to make special papers, thereby forming an anti-counterfeiting function. There are mainly the following: watermark paper, anti-counterfeiting paper with security inserts, ultra-thin low-strength anti-counterfeiting paper, and revelation of fragile security paper. Securities, documents with security paper. Security texture paper and so on.

Ink anti-counterfeiting technology

This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology is to add special materials in the ordinary ink connecting material, after special processing, and become a special ink technology. At present, there are mainly anti-counterfeiting ink UV-activated fluorescent anti-counterfeit inks, magnetic anti-counterfeit inks, thermal anti-counterfeiting inks, sunlight anti-counterfeiting anti-counterfeiting inks, optical variable security inks, pressure-sensitive anti-counterfeit inks, infrared security inks, anti-falsification anti-counterfeiting inks, anti-counterfeiting ink, etc. .

Optical anti-counterfeiting technology

This technology uses the basic laws of scattering, reflection, transmission, absorption and diffraction generated by the interaction of light and matter to obtain a certain special viewing angle effect, thereby forming a certain anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeit products. Such as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeit holographic film, anti-counterfeit holographic paper, anti-forgery holographic hot stamping foil, holographic anti-counterfeit labels; optical film anti-counterfeiting labels, moire stripe double card security signs, polarization optical double security signs, integrated camera security signs, graphic output Laser anti-counterfeit signs, etc.

Magnetic code anti-counterfeiting technology

Use special weak magnetic ink and high-tech printing technology to print a bar-shaped magnetic code (form of common commodity bar code) and make the magnetic code a magnetic code anti-counterfeiting mark, or directly print the magnetic code on the trademark package The magnetic code portion of the strip is covered with a non-magnetic ink. Because this kind of magnetic code has the hidden nature of multi-parameter mixed coding, the randomness of coding and the complexity of the manufacturing process, it is extremely difficult to decipher and it is extremely difficult to copy. To identify the authenticity of a product, it is only necessary to use a special magnetic code discriminator to test the hidden bar magnetic code on the goods, and the authenticity of the goods can be known.

Nuclear track anti-counterfeiting technology

This technology is a high-tech anti-counterfeit technology developed in the 1990s. It is the application of atomic energy reactors or heavy ion accelerators and other equipment to produce a random pattern with a large number of micropores (invisible to the human eye). It is then printed into various anti-counterfeiting labels through special platemaking processes and printing processes. This kind of label has the advantages of being difficult to imitate, easy to identify and mass production, and has a wide application field. At present, there are dripping anti-counterfeiting labels.

Digital - network anti-counterfeiting technology

The anti-counterfeit technology is an anti-counterfeiting technology that integrates modern computer technology, network communication technology, data coding technology, high-tech printing technology, and modern management technology.

Digital-network anti-counterfeiting technology includes two parts of technology. One is digital password generation technology. That is, a set of different digital codes are designed for products requiring anti-counterfeit and matched with corresponding passwords. And it is made into a security label attached to the goods; second is the network verification technology with anti-counterfeit labels. For the information code carrying the verification, computer network technology was used to check the authenticity of the product through the network equipment. The verification can be done by telephone, SMS and internet access.

Structure and packaging anti-counterfeiting technology

The technology refers to designing and manufacturing products or product packaging using a special concept design, so that the product to achieve fidelity, usually including the structure, appearance, package anti-counterfeiting technology.

This anti-counterfeiting technology is most widely used in wine bottle caps and cigarette packs.

Human body anti-counterfeiting technology

This technology is the use of a certain feature of the human body to achieve real-world technology. Such as the human body genetic code identification anti-counterfeiting technology, human fingerprint identification anti-counterfeiting technology, human palm recognition anti-counterfeiting technology, human eye iris recognition anti-counterfeiting technology, human voiceprint recognition anti-counterfeiting technology, human face recognition anti-counterfeiting technology, human infrared thermal image recognition anti-counterfeiting technology.

Instrument identification anti-counterfeiting technology

This technology refers to the authenticity of the anti-counterfeiting measures contained in the target object identified by the instrument. At present, China mainly focuses on the development and production of RMB counterfeit banknote identification instruments, and bar code readers are also under development.

Other anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting technology products. Barcode anti-counterfeiting technology, seal anti-counterfeiting technology, special anti-counterfeit materials, anti-counterfeiting smart labels, rules to reveal anti-counterfeiting labels, etc.

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