The liquid seasoning package is full of fresh quality

To meet the growing enthusiasm of American consumers for complex tastes and the chef’s desire to be able to enjoy the kitchen, Torani/R.Torre & Co., located in southern San Francisco, introduced a brand new production line for the production of concentrated Liquid free of sugar in the form of fresh herbs and spices.

Torani Pure Flavor is made from natural flavorings sourced from all over the world, including water, gum arabic, citric acid, and small amounts of preservatives to maintain the intensity of the spices.

Torani Pure Flavor can give chefs, bartenders, and à la carte divisions more freedom to brewing their dishes and drinks and make their menus stand out. Torani's CEO Melanie Dulbecco said: “Americans are becoming more acutely aware of the variety of delicious ingredients and global trends. They are constantly looking for exciting flavors. This product is a new tool that can help Chefs and bartenders meet the requirements of their customers. Torani Pure Flavor allows them to freely create a variety of tastes, giving guests a unique and unforgettable taste experience."

Torani Pure Flavor can be paired with a wide variety of dishes and beverages, whether it is sweet or salty, whether it is appetizers or desserts, cocktails or soft drinks. Initially, it has six different flavors, including pepper, basil, coriander, spearmint, lemon verbena and Thai ginger. The company is still committed to developing and testing other flavors, and plans to launch another two to six new products in 2006.

Dulbecco said: "Torani Pure Flavor overcomes the shortcomings of fresh herbs and spices, including perishable, uncoordinated, long preparation time and seasonal strength."

Torani Pure Flavor has a very strong flavour. When cooking food, it takes about one tablespoon per spoonful to smell it, and for drinks it only takes about half a teaspoon per 8 ounces. The lid on the bottle makes it easy to control the flow of the product depending on the situation. To use drops, simply turn the nozzle back. To get a steady flow, you can turn it on. Torani Pure Flavor has a one-year maintenance period.

Source: Packaging Expo

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