SUMMER packing box

Materials used: 300g/m2 white cardboard Box size: 66×53×155mm
Box type structure: 02 type, upper and lower plug-in cover box Main features: Printed with five-color printing, including yellow, magenta, royal blue, black and pearl light green.
Box surface printing effect analysis:
1. The light green background of the large area box is formed by overprinting with blue and yellow dots;
2. The main blue texts of the positive and negative sides of the box are printed with blue and magenta dots;
3, "MER" three letters with a background leaking white hook black highlight different results with the blue;
4, printed on the left side of the box and the front of pearl light green strip circular pattern, embellished with a gorgeous decorative effect;
5, the entire box surface with UV coating light pressure, so that the packaging effect is more complete.

Source: "Global Box Industry"

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