Unique and beautiful oval can

This European-style oval can be used in detergents, washing powders, and other cleaning products. Designs of various sizes and sizes can be more easily filled and distributed. Material is HDPE, PP or synthetic resin.

  Household Products refer to the types of appliances that humans need to maintain their normal lives, engage in production practices and carry out social activities. For example, plastic drink ware, plastic tableware, etc., household products are not only a simple functional substance product, but also a widely popular mass art. It is necessary to satisfy certain specific purposes and to satisfy people`s appreciation. In the process of contact with the use of some of the aesthetic pleasure and lead to a rich association of the spiritual needs. 

   Our team can provide customized services for customers' individual needs.

Plastic Drink ware

Plastic Drinkware

Plastic Tableware

Plastic Tableware

Household Products

Plastic Drinking Cups,Plastic Drinkware,Plastic Dishes,Clear Plastic Plates

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