MW1050YC Automatic Die-cutting Machine (All Clearing)

   This machine is the highest level automation product in the MW1050YC automatic die cutting machine series. It is modular in design, with the function of clean-up and full-clearing (clear-finished). It can complete non-stop paper collection, finished product stacking, and automatic interleaving under working conditions. Automatic leaflet sampling and automatic product delivery and other actions maximize production efficiency. The whole machine is designed according to the CE standard, highlighting the operational safety.

baby bath

Baby bath series have 2 deep bathtubs, 10 standard bathtubs, 4 bath nets, 1 bath spoon and 1 washbasin. All our bathtub sets are made of new plastic material, pass European EN71 test, and can bear an adult to stand on when upside down.

Deep bathtubs are our patented designs, special on shapes and easy to move because of wheels on bottom. Especially the elephant shape one, it is welcomed by our sincere clients. Also our new designs are coming out soon, do please expectation!

Standard bath tubs have different sizes, suit for most babies. Our products can be used from beginning until you do not need.

Baby Bath

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