Wardrobe with white solid wood drawers to join forces to make storage

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] We are not strangers to the drawers, but not every household will buy them. In the end, there is something worthy of our attraction. It is not as strong as the wardrobe . Whether it is in the living room or the bedroom or the entrance, you can place it as you like, and your small items can be collected.

White solid wood drawer

The clean white solid wood drawers give a sense of elegance, with a rich and fresh flavor, which not only can store debris, but also make the home space more tidy. Most importantly, its decorative function is also very powerful, suitable for fresh literature and art. Style or Sen female style.

Classic case : checkered sofa with green pillow, elegant pattern wallpaper placed in front of white storage four drawers, is a perfect combination, the elegant and elegant women's style interpretation.

The white solid wood drawers in the picture : the plain and unadorned appearance is more intimate, and the pure white matte finish is elegant. It can accommodate items and play a good decorative role.

Bucket storage

Korean pastoral chest of drawers

Brand: love

Reference price: 898 yuan

Shopping guide reason: elegant ivory white, beautiful lines, beautifully carved, do not have a Korean romantic feelings. Six drawers side by side, two small and four large, maximize the use of space. Available in two sizes for different small units. Three-section ball slides, pulling silent, keep your home space away from noise.

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Powder Vinyl Glove

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