3.15 fake you, I should pay attention to methods and avoid traps in the wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture used to place clothes in our daily life. Therefore, choosing a good wardrobe is more important than anything else. At the time when 3.15 is coming in 2015, Zhonghua Wardrobe will introduce some methods for selecting wardrobes and traps when buying wardrobes. This 3.15 counterfeit you and me.

First, 3.15 wardrobe purchase tips:

Wardrobe purchase

Wardrobe purchase

1, pay attention to quality, pay attention to after-sales service. No matter what product, quality is the soul element, which is the most important factor we should consider when choosing. It is also true for bedroom wardrobes. First check the relevant quality certificate, and then check whether the material, workmanship, hardware accessories, etc. are fine, to ensure that every detail is flawless.

2, the shape is light and easy to move. There is not much space in the small-sized bedroom to put on the enlarged wardrobe . Therefore, the compact small wardrobe is the most suitable choice for small-sized decoration design. It is not only economical but also avoids a kind of congestion for small-sized bedrooms. feel.

3, buy a solid wood wardrobe to be careful. Wooden wardrobes have become one of the most popular types. We should pay attention to the selection of wooden wardrobes: check whether the interface is tight, whether the drawer is smooth, whether the handle is firm, whether there are insects in the corner, etc. Avoid quality problems. Especially when buying a mahogany wardrobe, be careful, it is best to be accompanied by a professional who knows this line, while buying a defective product, be deceived.

4. Look at the internal structure. For the small-sized decoration design, it is very important to increase the storage function. The purpose of placing the wardrobe in the small-sized bedroom is to make reasonable use of the space to bring convenience to life, so when purchasing a wardrobe suitable for a small-sized bedroom, It is necessary to pay attention to the spatial distribution of the interior, and it is necessary to have multiple storage spaces, so that we can sort the items as needed to facilitate the taking of clothes.

Second, 3.15 wardrobe purchase anti-trap:

Wardrobe plate

Wardrobe purchase

Trap one, false propaganda

In the current wardrobe market, the appreciation of the wardrobe is to promote the safety and cleanliness of the wardrobe. But we must know that we have not yet made relevant standards in our country, so we must be careful about the false propaganda.

Trap two, confused plate grade

We all know that the most important thing about the wardrobe is to pay attention to the quality of the board. Many merchants on the market are now promoting their wardrobes with E1 grade plates. However, we do not know that E1 grade plates are divided into domestic E1 grades and European E1 grades. Many merchants rely on this piece of water to fish, the price and quality of domestic E1 and European E1.

Trap three, accessories after-sales service is not perfect

Now, many of our home products have found problems after they bought them home. When they contact the merchants, the problems cannot be solved perfectly. This is why the after-sales problems of the products are not in place. Relatively speaking, Xiao Bian recommends that everyone can go to buy brand products, because their after-sales system is relatively complete.

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