The important role of rubber tensile testing machine

Rubber Tensile Testing Machine: It can measure the maximum tensile force, maximum elongation, tensile strength, elongation, yield strength, compression deformation, elastic modulus, etc. of rubber and test and test it, and print its regular report by computer. For analysis And a persuasive certificate for the customer. It can also be called a universal material testing machine. It is a new material testing machine that combines electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It has a wide and accurate loading speed and force range, and measures load and displacement. And control has higher precision and sensitivity, and can also perform automatic control test of constant velocity loading and constant velocity displacement. It has simple and convenient operation, especially suitable for the quality control equipment on the production line. The rubber tensile machine LDS-01 is suitable for rubber, plastic, textile, waterproof material, wire and cable, net rope, wire, metal rod, plate and other metals. Tensile test with non-metallic materials, add attachments for compression and bending tests. With the test force digital display, the test speed is continuously adjustable, the sample is automatically disconnected from the break, and the peak is maintained.

Laser Therapy Machine

Laser physiotherapy is a type of phototherapy, which refers to a series of biological effects caused by direct irradiation of biological tissues with low-level lasers to achieve the purpose of curing diseases.
Laser physiotherapy is to directly irradiate the affected area with weak laser such as He-Ne laser, expanded COâ‚‚ laser or semiconductor laser. There are several methods as follows.
Original beam irradiation method, expanded beam irradiation method, direct fiber irradiation method, fiber endoscope irradiation method, etc.

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