Check if the sealing surface is valid when using the rotary evaporator


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After the vacuum pump is turned on and the vacuum pump is turned on, it is found that the vacuum is not sealed. Check whether the bottle mouth is well sealed, whether the vacuum pump itself leaks, whether the sealing ring at the shaft is placed intact, and a vacuum switch connected in the external vacuum tube can improve the recovery rate and Evaporation rate.
The feeding uses the system vacuum negative pressure, and the liquid material can be sucked into the rotating bottle by the hose at the feeding port, and the liquid material should not exceed half of the rotating bottle. The instrument can be continuously fed, and attention should be paid when feeding. 1. Turn off the vacuum pump 2/stop heating 3. After the evaporation stops, slowly open the tube cock to prevent backflow.
Heating the instrument with a specially designed water bath must be energized after adding water. The temperature control scale is 0-99 °C for reference. Due to the existence of thermal inertia, the actual water temperature is about 2 degrees higher than the set temperature. The set value can be corrected when used. For example, you need water temperature 1/3-1/2. Use the connector to remove the power plug.
Rotate to open the electric control box switch and adjust the knob to the optimal evaporation speed. Take care to avoid fluctuations in the water bath and turn on the cooling water.
Recycle the solvent first, open the feed switch to deflate, then turn off the vacuum pump and take out the solvent in the collection bottle.
Precautions â—† The equipment should be coated with a layer of vacuum grease before installation, sealing surface seals and joints before installation.
â—†The heating tank must be filled with water before it is energized. It is not allowed to dry without water.
â—†RE-201D must be screwed into the fuse hole (19) to avoid damage to the flask.
â—† If the vacuum cannot be pumped up, check it:
1 Each joint, whether the interface is sealed 2 sealing ring, whether the sealing surface is effective 3 Whether the vacuum grease between the main shaft and the sealing ring is coated

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