Links and elements of quality projects

The Nanjing Education Equipment Quality Project has been reviewed for three times, and many people have asked what factors are needed to achieve the quality of educational equipment projects. If you want to answer this question, you must understand the history of the project from the perspective of system thinking, grasp the harmony between people, technology and mechanism in each link, and pursue the value path of norms, professions and innovations. According to the practice of the work, I briefly sort out the realistic working strategies supported by the quality of some educational equipment projects from four aspects for reference.

1, quality program

The plan is an ideal blueprint, a plan and design. A quality program is the source of quality projects. So how do you get a quality solution?

1) Comply with development planning, school characteristics and equipment standards;

2) Master the current status and foundation of school applications;

3) Understand the technology, product and price information of the market, and have similar or similar successful projects for reference;

4) Professional technical staff preparation and professionalization.

2, quality procurement

Purchasing is the choice. A good solution, if the process and method of choice are not appropriate, then can not achieve good results.

1) The preparation of bidding documents is open, transparent and open, which can attract more high-quality enterprises to compete. The grading standards and rules are professional and refined, and their value orientation is clear, which can prevent malicious competition.

2) The bidding and purchasing department is strictly managed, fair and fair, and the judges have excellent morality and level. Can ensure the quality of the review.

3) Professional and innovative bidding process, relevant core technology and product review strategies, indicators can be evaluated and measurable.

4) The results of bidding and procurement can achieve “the best quality, the most cost-effective, high quality products and excellent service”.

3. Standard performance

With drawings and products, there is a construction team. However, if the process management cannot be effectively implemented, then the best drawings and products will be completely unrecognizable, not to mention the possibility of being cut corners and stealing.

1) Before the implementation of the project, the school should go to the school to carry out in-depth design and establish implementation plans and plans;

2) Advance implementation in strict accordance with plans and programs. In particular, the responsibilities of both parties should be clear and standardized, and the performance responsibilities of one party are not in place, which can affect quality and progress.

3) Changes in the performance process, phased quality acceptance, material and cargo acceptance, etc., must be complete, the specifications can be checked, and the responsibility can be traced.

4) Implementation companies should have their own quality management system and compliance management rules. And strictly enforced.

5) Acceptance standards, measurement and functional tests, and acceptance reports (including evaluation, measurement test results and signature of the acceptance personnel)

4, quality service

1) After-sales service has standardized and detailed plans, which can be used to design training and carry out a certain amount of teaching application activities for the use of technology and application methods.

2) Training work and service activities must have archives and data, and there is a school acceptance report.

3) In the use of products and equipment during the warranty period, maintenance and repair are timely and there are basically no quality problems, and only maintenance problems are used.

4) Proactively and regularly provide technical upgrade services and quality maintenance and repair advice to users. The user will be notified until the end of the warranty period.

(Text|Song Tao, Chief of Technical Section, Nanjing Education Equipment and Work-study Office)

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