10 tips for heat aging test chamber operation

The heat aging test box is suitable for the heat resistance test of electrical insulating materials, the gas aging test of electronic parts and plasticized products, and the evaluation and judgment of the adaptability of storage and use under high temperature environment conditions. In this issue, I will tell you about the tips used in the heat aging test chamber.
1. During operation, please do not open the door unless absolutely necessary, otherwise the following adverse consequences may result.
2. When the test box is installed, the case body must be grounded. If the test box is not grounded, there is a danger of electric shock if it leaks.
3. If the hot test sample is placed in the box, please use the external power supply for the power supply control of the test product. Do not use the power supply directly.
4. Circuit breakers and over-temperature protectors provide the safety protection of the test products and operators of the machine, so please check them regularly.
5. On any section perpendicular to the dominant wind direction, the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the test loads shall not be greater than one third of the working section at that location.
6. It is normal for the heat aging test chamber to emit smoke and odor during the first week of high temperature: since the test box is manufactured with the lubricating oil on the steel plate, the new test box is just beginning to use high temperature. It will produce the odor of the fumes being grilled.
7. After the test is over, do not open the studio door immediately to avoid the impact of air-conditioning and hot air on the operator. If the test sample must be taken out immediately, insulated gloves must be worn to avoid burns.
8. All samples should be placed evenly, and the sample should be placed in the effective space of the studio.
9. When the test is over, always turn off the main power switch when the test box is not needed.

10. Please read the heat aging test box instructions carefully before operating the unit.

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