Summarize the cost-saving tricks of custom furniture

Comic author Ren Mengzhen

As the owner of the whole house is basically customized, Ms. Zhou summed up a set of customized products to save money, not only enjoy the convenience of furniture for their own use, but also did not pay more money, have to admire. Here are her tips for saving money, maybe you can learn from it.

Zero for the whole

Before placing the order, there will be a lot of verbal commitments. If you can implement it, you will save a lot of trouble and money. However, Ms. Zhou reminds that before making the money, the shopping guide will be promised to write on the order. After depositing the deposit and requesting it after the first paragraph, it may encounter “shopping words” by the shopping guide.

It should be noted that in order to complete the task, the shopping guide sometimes presents the preferential price to the potential large order customer beyond the express price in the store. Orders with a large demand for general can bring more favorable discounted prices and free manual installation fees. Ms. Zhou reminded that it is best to place orders in a factory and brand-customized products, and strive for cheaper prices or better services.

Case 1: The bathroom of Ms. Zhou’s house is separated by wet and dry, and the open dry area is integrated with the living room. Considering that there are old people in the house, the floor tiles are selected as large non-slip varieties, but the wet area of ​​the bathroom is intended to be selected due to the small area. Small pieces of non-slip floor tiles. If you choose different sizes of floor tiles, it may cause the color difference of the tiles in the dry and wet areas of the bathroom or you need to consider the problem of color matching, and the different types of floor tiles are more expensive than the one used. She learned that the brand's floor tiles have a large size that can be cut into 4 smaller square tiles. If you cut bricks at the factory, you can cut 1 yuan for each knife and 2 yuan for large blocks and 2 yuan. The floor tiles are used for laying the wet area of ​​the bathroom. With this solution, not only the brick loss of the tile is reduced, but also the overall ground color of the living room and the bathroom is uniform.

Case 2: In the renovation of the duplex building, the solid wood staircase is a big expense. Because Ms. Zhou’s staircase is in the living room, close to the Chinese-style screen design of the living room, she ordered a wooden hollow screen at the same time as the stair manufacturer, because the stairs are large orders, and the price of the screen also enjoys the discount price of the big order ( It is much cheaper than the price of the professional manufacturer of the screen before, and it also avoids the color difference caused by custom wood stairs and screens in different manufacturers.

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