Practical printing ink balance tips

How to achieve ink-water balance, the operator must not only understand and study the organic connections between the ink and the ink, the constraints between each other, and the law of subtle changes between them. It is also necessary to analyze and discuss the adverse consequences caused by the imbalance of ink and wash.

1, water, small ink and less phenomenon analysis: In the printing process, the printing plate in the blank part of a certain water film exists, when the water film and the oil can contend, it will not be stained by the ink on the ink roller, if If the water content is too low, the amount of water layer can not resist the adsorption of ink to the blank part, then the blank part will be accompanied by ink, resulting in hanging dirty, less ink supply will make the printed product with no gloss, pale gray, imprinted false The blots are covered with white snowflakes. In this state, although the "ink-and-ink balance" has also been achieved, this "ink-and-ink balance" is not the "ink-ink balance" we want.

2. Analysis of the phenomena of less water and more ink: At this time, the ink is most likely to be unevenly printed, and dirty, and a part or large area of ​​the layout will cause paste and paste. At the same time, the imprinting ink of the printed product is also relatively deep, which makes the printed product become blackish and unclear, especially for the reproduction of the fine dot, and the image is indistinct.

3, the phenomenon of water and ink less phenomenon: If the layout of the water is too large, and gradually spread to all the ink roller surface, the formation of a certain thickness of the water layer, hindering the normal ink transfer ink emulsification speed, the ink is gradually unsaturated The text becomes lighter, and the writing is imaginary, grayish, hairy, hairy, and dull. There is a faint ambience around the blot, the image is not clear, and there is no hierarchy.

4. Analysis of the phenomenon of water, ink, and more: When the water in the layout is excessive, the color of the ink will become shallow, and the ink supply will be blindly considered to be low, thus increasing the amount of ink, and the ink will lose its stability after a long cycle. The vicious cycle of ink and ink imbalance caused the ink to be heavily emulsified and accumulated on the surface of the ink roller so that the printing could not be performed normally.

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