Dry fruit bottle sales season market analysis

Autumn is a season of good harvest. Various kinds of dried fruits are also listed. The concentrated listing of dried fruits such as walnuts, cashews, melon seeds and pistachios has made the entire dried fruit market and food companies busy. This is the season of production for dried fruit companies.

For dried fruit bottle companies also ushered in the sales season of the year. In the past, before the dried fruit was sold on a large scale, the dried fruit was mainly self-prepared for individual households. In many households, dried glass bottles and plastic bottles were used instead. Nowadays, dried fruit is mainly based on purchasing. This is an advantage for dried fruit bottle companies. Large-scale marketing and promotion require specialized packaging, bringing great opportunities for the development of dried fruit bottles. In the early morning, dried fruit bottles are mainly made of glass and iron boxes. With the continuous development of blow molding technology, plastic dried fruit bottles have begun to be used on a large scale. Plastic dried fruit bottles are generally packaged in PET bottles, mainly in wide mouth, which facilitates the packing of dried fruits.

For plastic food bottle manufacturers, in order to prepare for large-scale production, dried fruit companies need to purchase a large number of dried fruit bottles before the season of dry fruit. This time is often one to two months in advance, which is worthy of attention by manufacturers.

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