Environmental protection sheet to create a healthy wardrobe gold cabinet snow white series wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When choosing a wardrobe , the appearance of pure and elegant is indispensable, but the board of the wardrobe is also very important. The health of the board directly affects the health of the whole wardrobe. Today, Xiaobian brings you a gold cabinet Snow White series wardrobe, which has E0 grade large Asian board substrate, which is the best choice for environmentally friendly furniture.

product description:

Brand gold cabinet wardrobe

Product Snow White Series Wardrobe

Gold cabinet wardrobe

Gold cabinet This wardrobe has a very dreamy name, she is called Snow White. The ivory white color gives a quiet and elegant impression. The louver design of the door is smart and breaks, breaking the monotony of the whole door panel and breaking the height limit of the whole wardrobe.

Appearance: pretty fresh

Wardrobe evaluation

The color of this wardrobe is the same. At the same time, the sliding door is in the same color as the same frame, that is, the color texture of the cabinet panel, aluminum material and inner panel of the sliding door is consistent.

Gold cabinet wardrobe

The thickness of the aluminum alloy frame of the cabinet door reaches 1.2mm national standard new aluminum, which is sturdy and durable. Even if it is made relatively high, the sliding door sliding can maintain smooth, stable and no deformation.

Wardrobe evaluation

The wooden door and louver embedded in the sliding door is made of PPR material, which is environmentally friendly, waterproof, durable and non-deformable. At the same time, the weight of the material is lighter, making the bearing wheel of the sliding door more durable.

Gold cabinet wardrobe

The simple alloy handle is fashionable, and the overall design of the swing door is more suitable for the bedroom with larger space.

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