The Connotation of Commodity Packaging Integrity (I)

Abstract: "Integrity" is the inevitable connotation of commodity packaging. The specific performance in: the authenticity of the packaging of goods; the clarity of the packaging of goods; the security of the packaging of goods; the guidance of the packaging of goods.

Keywords: integrity construction commodity packaging property security

The word “connotation” is explained in the “Modern Chinese Dictionary”: the sum of the essential attributes of things reflected by a concept is the content of the concept. • Commodity packaging is an indispensable part of commodity production. It is an important means to protect product value, realize product value, express product value, and promote product performance and quality. Packaging is a trademark, advertising and silent salesman. It can be seen that these functions and functions of commodity packaging are based on good faith and are all affected by the principle of good faith, and are based on the connotation of integrity.

Its integrity attribute runs through the entire process of the packaging's motivation and even its role disappearing.

The highly commercialized operation of the market economy takes advantage of the generalized means of product packaging. Commodity packaging behavior, in terms of market processes, reflects the bilateral interests of the seller and the buyer. The buyers and sellers on the market, their respective behaviors are completely inconsistent. As a seller engaged in the production of goods and packaging of goods, their purpose is to sell and sell goods, to realize the value of goods, to exchange money, to meet their own profit-seeking needs; and as buyers of goods buyers, their purpose of activities It is to obtain the goods, obtain the use value of the goods, and satisfy their own consumer needs. From the buyer. On the one hand, they do not have complete information on the internal quality and utility of the goods. Their information on the quality and utility of the goods is obtained through the seller's packaging and the advertising of mountings. The packaging of the product is the best specification of the product. The product passes its important information to consumers through the packaging materials, volume capacity, and text patterns, so that consumers can evaluate and select products. On the other hand, the buyer always pays the money in one hand and picks up the goods in one hand. Except for the bulk futures trading, there is a payment after the arrival of the goods. In addition to the issue of performance of the contract, other transactions, the buyer and the seller are both silver and silver. As the seller of the main body of market activity, he is the use value of the production of goods. In order to realize the value of his own goods and make profits, before he sells the use value of the goods to the buyer, he must first make the use value of his own goods real. Effective. Marx said that “use value is the material bearer of value” and that this material bearer must be true in nature, quantity, composition, and effectiveness. Otherwise, it will be difficult to act as a material person. Once the goods are packaged, their inner body is covered by the external packaging. It is necessary to align the external package decoration form with the essential content of the internal commodity entity, which requires the moral self-discipline of the economic entity participating in the market activity. "Integrity" is the basic moral code for commodity packaging. Honesty is another important code of conduct for the vitality of the traditional Chinese morality. Regarding good faith, Confucius had a very profound conversation.

"Zizhang asked the line. Ziyu: 'The word is faithful and faithful, and the line is respectful. Although it is a pretty country, it's good. It's not faithful, it's not reverent. Also, in the case of 舆 见 其 其 倚 倚 倚 倚 衡 衡 衡 衡 , , , , , , , 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。.

This piece of speech by Liao Zi, translated into modern vernacular text is: Zi Zhang asked how to make their behavior unobstructed. Confucius said: “The words are loyal and honest, and the actions are honest and serious. Even if they come to other tribal countries, they will work. The verbal fraud is unbelieving, the behavior is hypocritical and frivolous, is it in the hometown of Hong Kong, is it feasible? When standing, it seems to be seen The words of honesty and trustworthiness are in front of our eyes, sitting in the car, as if they saw and engraved on the crossbar of the car. They always remember 'honesty and trustworthiness' in order to enable them to be everywhere, and to pass through without hindrance." Write these words on your belt. Reading it today is also quite educated. For each of our economic entities engaged in commodity production and commodity packaging activities, we should also write “honest and trustworthy” on our belts as we did by Zizhang, and we should always remember them as our moral code of conduct. , otherwise it is difficult to gain a foothold in the market.

First, the authenticity of commodity packaging

With the development of commodity society, the emergence of competition and non-standard competition has caused business ethics to be tested and impacted. Counterfeit, forgery, piracy, piracy, and even theft, consumers need to distinguish between authenticity and false positives. In the face of Li Zheng and Li Gui, the first thing to suffer is the packaging of goods. No matter if it is counterfeit or inferior, at least it must be a similar form. Imitation of packaging is a required course for counterfeiters. What is infringed by counterfeiting is the profits of genuine manufacturers, and it is the rights and interests of consumers. On another level, the investment for normal commodity management and development has to be more costly to carry out research and development and production of anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft packaging. “Funding tens of millions” and “investing billions of dollars” to develop anti-counterfeiting packaging The manufacturers are not uncommon, and vocabulary such as "high-magnitude, high-quality, high-caliber" is often seen in the manuscripts of many manufacturers. For counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, theft and theft, this is an endless reincarnation. Between a foot and a foot, the roles of "magic" and "Tao" are constantly changing. There is also a phenomenon, as China's intellectual property protection measures are far from perfect, and it is common to see only slight changes in deliberate imitation of products with high market share. This behavior has repeatedly become a bottleneck that hinders China’s accession to the WTO. As an expert in Far East packaging design and technology, Christian Romme1 published a monograph on contemporary packaging design in China. He pointed out that copying plagiarism in product design and packaging design in mainland China has become a lot. Strategies adopted in the actual operation of small businesses. The main reason for the proliferation of such infringements is that the society lacks a sound judicial system, government departments lack the necessary management awareness and mechanisms, and companies lack creative designers. Many European countries have enacted corresponding laws to strictly protect the packaging design of products. In order to protect their overseas markets, some companies have a resolute attack on plagiarism in product design and packaging design, and continue to use plagiarized package designs that attempt to confuse audiovisual changes with the slightest changes in the courts to defend themselves. Intellectual property in design.

Therefore, the emergence and proliferation of pervasive commercial fraud poses a severe challenge to China's packaging design business. In this situation, some sophisticated high-tech tools should be given priority in packaging design. At present, most of the counterfeit products used in the packaging design process are directly using high-precision scanners to obtain authentic packaging design renderings, processing the acquired images through computer software, and making obvious marks such as trademarks or texts. Blindfolding and distortion processing, but as far as possible to maintain the original appearance of the overall effect, so that consumers at first glance is not easy to perceive the changes made in order to achieve the purpose of stealing. In view of this, strengthening the effectiveness of packaging design has become a powerful weapon in anti-counterfeiting operations.

Second, the understanding of commodity packaging

Nowadays, commercial warfare is fierce. Many companies not only attach importance to the packaging problem, but also have achieved remarkable economic benefits by exploring the “packaging function.” The variety of commodity packaging is dazzling and the appearance is exquisite. However, some companies improperly use packaging strategies to unilaterally pursue the “packaging effect” of goods in order to mislead consumers and ignore the problems of the products themselves. As a result, some counterfeit and inferior commodities can be popularized under exquisite packaging and infringe consumption. The interests of the people. As for the packaging of goods and the ontology of goods, packaging is only an auxiliary means and is a secondary aspect of contradiction. In the market competition, the product ontology is still the first place. Constantly improving the quality, developing new products, and closely linking the needs of the market are always the top concerns of the company. High-quality goods plus successful packaging are always strong players in market competition. If the quality of the goods is poor and the packaging is exquisite, consumers will not buy the goods after the purchase of the cheated for the second time, and the word of mouth among consumers will deteriorate, eventually losing the market. Therefore, when the merchants implement the packaging strategy, they must set the relationship between the packaging and the goods, and should not be deceived in the “defective and unsuccessful” package.

l It is appropriate to determine the packaging volume and net capacity of the product. The capacity of the unit product should be adapted to the needs of consumers. The attitude considered by the customer as a local customer will establish a good relationship of trust between the company and the customer, and it is wishful thinking to increase it. The promotional activities of the product's packaging volume will only make customers feel disgusted. At the same time, excessive packaging will increase the customer's purchasing workload and inconvenience during use. In addition, consumers often determine the volume or net weight of a product by the size of the package rather than the description on the package. Too large a volume can mislead consumers. Once consumers find that the proportion of external packaging and internal products is seriously misunderstood, they will lose. The trust of products and manufacturers.

2. The words and patterns of the description of the contents of the package are the medium through which the customer recognizes the product. Therefore, the graphics appearing on the packaging must be accurate and full reflection of the product attributes. For customers, the most informative part of a product package is a graphic, followed by text and color. The graphics include patterns, paintings, and photography. The graphics are magnifiers with product features. The graphics can also be used to describe the function of the product as metaphorical, symbolic and associative. For example, a lotus umbrella can be used to describe water droplets, and pine trees can be used to express elderly tonics. Such as longevity, etc., these have left a deep impression on consumers. ∞ text is the most memorable element of a product package. The goods packaging should have descriptive text in addition to indicating the product name, brand, trademark, but also indicate the quantity, weight, quality, size (such as shoes), manufacturer (and address, phone number), production date, price or bar code, food The package must have nutrients, raw materials, and the period of consumption, and be marked with “fat-free”, “low-fat”, and “free of sugar”. And try to be focused and at a glance. Propaganda texts - logos play the role of micro advertisements. Logos are phrases that stand out against the backdrop of strong contrasting colors and sparks, explosions, and large dots. Indicative logos, such as “fried” instant noodles, indicate the basic characteristics of the product; interpretative logos, such as “absolutely free of preservatives,” can eliminate consumer-related ingredients in food, beverages, and chemicals. Concerns; and agitation logos, such as "very delicious!", can directly stimulate the desire to buy. Also emphasize the color of the product. It is not only the transparent packaging or the use of color photographs to fully represent the inherent color of the product itself, but more to use the color tone that embodies the image of the large categories of products, so that the consumer can produce the same cognitive response as the signal reflects, and quickly determine the packaging by color. The content of the object.

3, moderate packaging production costs. Product packaging affects consumers' choice of products, but after all, all costs of product packaging are ultimately borne by consumers. Therefore, if consumers think that the added value of the product packaging is too high and damages their own interests, the purchase will not happen. Therefore, it opposes flashy "luxury packaging" and opposes the "over-packaging" of wasted resources. On the other hand, exquisite visual effects are a powerful way to demonstrate the strength of a product. If you start from reducing the cost of packaging, ignoring the requirements for packaging materials, manufacturing processes or design, it will also make consumers doubt the quality of the product. For example, cigarette packaging is part of a product that is used to convey information, sell cigarettes, maintain quality and brand reputation, and, like cigarette brands, has a conscious perception of consumers. It conveys to consumers a clear image of product quality, grade, and characteristics, which is the basic way of cigarette awareness transmission.

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