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【Patent Name】 Screen Printing Device 【 Applicant 】 Yamaha Engine Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Taro Tachino; Sato Riichi [Address of Principal Applicant] Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 【Application Number】 200510099674.2
【 Application Date 】 2005.09.02
[Approved Announcement Number] 1743173
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.08
[Main classification number] B41F15/42(2006.01)I
[Category Code] B41F15/42(2006.01)I B41F15/46(2006.01)I B41F15/08(2006.01)I
[Priority] 2004.9.3 JP 2004-256594
[Summary Item] 1. A screen printing device characterized by comprising a head, which is relatively reciprocated along a mask superposed on a substrate; and a rubber blade arranged perpendicular to the moving direction of the head In the intersecting direction, it is possible to support the support shaft around its length in a rotatable manner; a lateral leak-proof plate is provided at the outer ends of both ends of the above-mentioned head portion in the length direction of the rubber scraper for preventing the paste. The agent flows laterally; the lateral leak-proof plate and the rubber blade may be relatively displaced in the direction perpendicular to the rubber of the support shaft or in the direction of rotation centering on the support shaft.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0610-1
[Abstract] The screen printing device of the present invention allows the rubber blade to be supported with respect to the head to be rockable, and at the same time it can surely prevent the lateral overflow of the paste. The screen printing apparatus includes a head (1) for relatively reciprocating the rubber blade (31) along the mask (M), and the rubber blade (31) may be rotated relative to the head (1). support. The head (1) of the device is provided with a unit mounting member (18) in advance, and a rubber squeegee unit (30) (a rubber squeegee holder (32) holding a rubber squeegee (31)) is provided with respect to the above unit mounting member. (18) Installation and removal may be possible. The rubber blade holder (32) is provided with a lateral leak-preventing plate (34) which is located outside the both ends of the rubber blade (31) to prevent the paste from flowing laterally. The lateral leak-prevention plate (34) may be set to rock relative to the rubber blade (31).
【 Agency 】 Zhongyuan Cinda Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. [Proxy] Lu Hao Tian Junfeng

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