Small high-speed digital film slitting machine

Production: Nanjing Anshun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

High-speed, high-precision, high-reliability quality, using the latest mechatronics and digital control technology. This equipment fully considers the characteristics of diversified products in the plastic packaging industry, adopts human-machine intelligent dialogue interface, presets dozens of sets of slitter control parameters in the control program, and can increase the user menu according to the actual needs of users, and the user can The tension, pressure roller and other curves are self-set on this platform. Widely applicable to slit all kinds of film, composite film and aluminized film; unwinding maximum width is 1600mm;
Reel diameter 800mm; winding diameter 500mm; minimum slitting width 50mm; maximum slitting speed 500m/min; special winding edge device for waste edge processing.

The market is in a huge need of Food Jar, sometimes, it is food flask, or food container. We can provide a wide range of food flasks or food jars. Food jars are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel with both interior and exterior body. So it is FAD certified. Food flasks are in many sizes, for kids or adults. It can be used to take cold salad, dress, and hot food, such as soup, noodles, rice. It can keep food cold over 7 hours and hot 5 hours.

Stainless Steel Food Jar

Stainless Steel Food Jar

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