Fine mesh adjustment screen printing (2)

● How to control each variable

The way to control these variables is to use a matte UV ink to print prints and substrates for a variety of uses. For some hard-to-print materials, a hardener can be added to the ink.

For other difficult-to-print materials, such as glass, the method is to modify the design of the UV reactor (dryer) so that the ink can polymerize above and below the glass and achieve deep polymerization, which in turn adheres more firmly to the On the glass.

Ink for ceramic printing can now be found on the market, and some are mixtures of UV inks and enamels, which have the advantages of UV inks, such as not drying on screens.

Just pay attention to the problem of "overlap" and cracks may appear on the ink ink layer. With the UCR/GCR system, ink overlap underneath black and shadows can be limited to eliminate this problem.

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