Transformers easy to disassemble panel furniture is deeply loved

Panel furniture refers to furniture made of artificial panels and hardware, made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneering. Tongxing Furniture

The popularity of panel furniture reflects the change in the concept of mass furniture consumption. It is no longer simply the pursuit of sturdiness and durability, but also the diversity of furniture styles, the versatility and flexibility of the combination. In Shunde, the capital of furniture, we interviewed “what kind of material is better for panel furniture, how has the panel furniture changed in the past two years?” and other topics of concern to consumers.
Demolition is convenient and fashionable
Easy to disassemble and deeply loved
According to Luo Fanfeng, director of the Shunde store in Foshan, Foshan, the reason why the plate furniture is favored is that the plate furniture is the mainstream of the furniture market because of its natural color, light structure, simple and generous, strong sense of the times and relatively cheap price.
In addition, the panel furniture also has its own unique characteristics. Because of its convenient disassembly and assembly, saving wood and fashionable colors, the simple style of panel furniture caters to the needs of modern people for simple living, so it is very popular among young people. Today's families, especially those of young people, often see the wardrobes, beds, dining tables, computer tables, chairs, coffee tables, etc. they use, mostly in panel furniture.
In addition, we also learned that another characteristic of panel furniture that consumers love is that thick and heavy solid wood furniture is not easy to move and more difficult to disassemble. The panel furniture is assembled from the workpieces of each unit, which is not only easy to disassemble and transport, but also consumers can freely mix and match according to their own needs.
First encounter panel furniture
Should be fully understood from the table
According to reports, in the past, solid wood was the most common material for making furniture. As the price of wood continued to rise, the price of solid wood furniture continued to rise. In recent years, panel furniture has been introduced to China from the West and has gradually evolved into a popular piece of furniture. Nowadays, all kinds of artificial boards, plastics, glass, textiles, sponges, leather, metal, etc. are widely used in panel furniture.
In Shunde Furniture City, the sales directors of furniture brands such as Conraden, Yuting (corporate blog|video|) and Jianwei made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the materials and fashion trends of panel furniture.
According to Luo Fanfeng, the director of the Shunde store in Foshan, Foshan, the panel furniture is based on wood-based panels, with the basic structure of the panels. Common artificial boards include plywood (plywood), high density board, medium density board (medium fiber board), particle board (honeycomb board, environmental board), low density board, and the like.
1. The splint is only used in the bending and deformation parts of the furniture in the brand furniture, and is generally not used in the bed and the wardrobe because the force is not enough.
2. Due to the hardness of the high-density board, it is more difficult to nail, and it is less used in furniture.
3. The most cost-effective, most commonly used medium density fiberboard, it is the most commonly used material for panel furniture.
4. There are also many furniture manufacturers using particleboard. Compared with MDF, particleboard is more resistant to stress and moisture, because MDF is powdery, and particleboard is granular and not easy to expand.
Common veneer materials for panel furniture mainly include veneer, tripolyhydrogen ammonia, wood grain paper (commonly known as stickers), lacquer (commonly known as baking varnish). Three kinds of finishes, such as tri-hydrogen ammonia, wood grain paper and lacquer, are usually used for medium and low-grade furniture, while natural veneer finishes are mainly used for high-grade panel furniture.
In addition, Luo Fanfeng also introduced the difference between different finishing materials. In terms of trimeric hydrogen ammonia and wood grain paper, the two are only the difference in craftsmanship. Wood grain paper directly sticks wood grain paper on the board with glue. The trimeric hydrogen ammonia is pressed onto the plate with high temperature and high pressure, and then sealed with wood strips. Compared with the hardness of trimeric hydrogen ammonia, consumers must choose according to their own needs. buy.
Luo Fanfeng also gave consumers some ways to distinguish between the two processes of trimeric hydrogen ammonia and wood grain paper. According to reports, consumers are mainly the edge of the edge of the banquet furniture, if the color texture and surface are exactly the same, it is wood grain paper. Conversely, if the corners of the panel furniture are slightly different from the surface, it is trimeric hydrogen ammonia.
This year's popular trend
Colourful combination structure is more user-friendly
According to Yu Ting (corporate blog | video |) Chen Cun shop manager Li Sibao introduced, in terms of color, the previous years of panel furniture, the color is always the main. This year's panel furniture is no longer a single light color, and is showing a colorful color show, appearing dark purple, brown, white, orange, blue. Color furniture is a big highlight of this year. They have changed the law of pricing for past furniture based on leather materials. They have boldly combined various colors on furniture and staged a colorful show.
In terms of design, according to Yu Ting (corporate blog | video |) Chen Cun shop manager Li Sibao also said that the design of the panel furniture in the past two years has paid more attention to the use of simple and straight lines, reflecting the natural and simple style, while integrating Geometric curves cater to people's individual needs in both modern and traditional forms.
Luo Fanfeng introduced the combination of panel furniture. It turns out that the previous panel furniture emphasizes the combination of board and wood. This year, a combination of materials and materials has been used. Metal, glass, plastic, rattan and fabric are used in panel furniture. The combination of stainless steel and substrate, glass and sheet is particularly popular in the market, and it is easier to reflect the plate. The transparency of the furniture makes the shape of the panel furniture more expressive, and it will also be a trend vane in the future market.
In addition, the structure of the panel furniture has also undergone some new changes. First, the carved bed or some soft elements, such as leather heads and cloth heads, are added to the bed of the furniture bed. The tail and the crosshead are connected by metal because of the wood. It is easy to crack and change less, and the metal is more decorative.
The wooden board inside the bed is changed from a plate type to a "row skeleton", which saves wood on the one hand, and is breathable, easy to disassemble, and beautiful on the other hand. Second, the combination adds a corner bookcase, as well as some small components, such as a drawer with storage functions. Luo Fanfeng said that in short, the structural changes are all about comfort, durability and convenience. The new panel furniture is more humane and more humane.
Due to the improvement of the process, this year's brand plate furniture veneer is more realistic, the look and feel is better, people like the natural texture and fashion texture are very strong.
In the interpretation of the China store, we saw that a piece of slatted wood furniture, quaint surface, thick structure, looks very like antiques, the reporter thought it was solid wood, asked the clerk to know that it is a panel furniture, such furniture is matured Love. In the life master store, I saw the geometric structure of the furniture, looks very moist, very modern, stylish, suitable for the needs of young people.
Buy plate furniture guide
First of all, we must distinguish the veneer material of the panel furniture. How to distinguish between paper veneer or veneer veneer? Mainly including observation patterns, wood veneers have natural thrift, color difference and texture changes; touch by hand, feel different, veneer has a wooden rough feeling.
Second, the edge of the panel furniture is very important. First, we must look at the advantages and disadvantages of the edge-sealing materials. Second, we must see whether the edge-sealing is uneven or tilted. It is particularly important to note that it is not sealed on all six sides - although a formaldehyde-free adhesive is used, the wood-based panels are more or less volatile during the manufacturing process, and the edges are tightly sealed. Living in the living room is good.
Third, look at the firmness of the furniture structure. First, the gap between the door and the drawer of the furniture. If the gap is large, it means that the work is rough, and the time will be deformed. Second, it is a single box or a double box. Usually, in addition to the outer layer, the furniture is also inside. There should be a layer of panels, which is called double-box, and the double-box furniture is both beautiful and strong.
Fourth, look at the quality of the paint. Is the paint streaked? Is the pigment in the corner position too thick? Are there cracks or bubbles? These are all to be viewed carefully. I have to tell the salesperson how many paints have been on the furniture. Of course, the more times you have, the better.
From the hinge groove and the eye-opening area, it can be seen that the plate furniture is medium density or particleboard. One of the best methods is to carefully observe the hinge groove and the eye-opening area, and expose the internal structure. It can be seen whether the particle board is used. MDF.
The use of hardware, free to disassemble and assemble is the biggest advantage of panel furniture, so the quality of the connector is closely related to the quality of the entire furniture. Imported furniture is expensive on these details.

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