German outdoor sportswear market tends to saturate sales decline

German outdoor sportswear market tends to saturate sales decline Date:2015-09-09 09:29

European consumers spend as much as 10 billion euros a year on outdoor sports equipment, of which Germany accounts for about 2.5 billion euros. German citizens spend more on outdoor sports than other countries. The German outdoor sports market has grown significantly year after year for quite a long period of time. Among them, sportswear is the most popular. Almost every German now has at least one jacket for outdoor wear, waterproof, and breathable. Under this development, the outdoor clothing market in Germany is gradually becoming saturated, and sales of outdoor clothing have declined.

In the first half of this year, the revenue of SPORT2000, a German sporting goods monopoly chain, fell by 9%. Market saturation and oversupply of suppliers contributed to increased competition in the outdoor clothing market. In addition to well-known outdoor apparel manufacturers such as Jack Wolfskin, Schoeffel, and Salewa, apparel manufacturers such as HM have begun to take outdoor sports. Service market.

Outdoor sportswear is usually expensive, ranging from a few hundred euros to hundreds of euros each. In the past, taking outdoor sports jackets as an example, manufacturers could earn 4 euros for every 10 euros of sales. Under fierce competition, the market's profit margin is declining.

Despite this, EOG, formed by the European outdoor sports makers, formed an alliance revenue of 4.8 billion euros last year, an increase of 3%. However, the main product driving the development of the market is no longer the outdoor sports jacket, but functional sports shoes. The market demand for these products is high, but its market leader is not a German manufacturer. It is also the Swiss manufacturer Mammut who also produces backpacks and hiking trousers.

KlausJost, general manager of Intersport, a sports chain specialization chain, said that the market has reached its peak and it is difficult to reach new heights in the future. JackWolfskin Managing Director Michael Rupp also pointed out that although the outdoor sportswear market will continue to expand in the future, the competition will become more intense, which will lead to manufacturers with less competitive strength to exit.

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